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I have heard of many varsity dudes blaming their single relationship status on the high standards campus girls set for potential dates. The following are 10 tips on how to become the most eligible bachelor on campus.

1)    Create your Brand image

It’s utter madness for you to stroll around campus in bathroom slippers and expect girls to throw themselves at you! In the dating arena you are a brand. Since people will always judge by the outward appearance there is need to look outstanding. How do you achieve that?

First you need to understand your body type, personality and interests then choose a style that suits you best. Whether its official clad, casual or punk, customize your attire so that it accentuates your best features and cover the flaws. Invest in genuine accessories, stylish shoes, a good cologne and hairstyle. Let your attire, gait and mannerisms reflect the brand image you wish to portray.

2)    Man up

It is okay for ladies to gossip, shed tears in public and call one another sweetie but not guys. As a man you have to contain your emotions and live by the male code. This means you don’t talk about other guys with a girl, walk holding another dude’s hand unless he is blind or carry a handbag. There should be a clear difference between how you behave and how a lady does. I don’t think there is any girl who is comfortable dating a guy who spends more time on the mirror than she does her.

3)    Be charming

A charmer is a guy who is aware of the advantages nature has endowed on him with and uses them as a weapon to get all he wants in life. This could be a physical trait, possessions, behavioral traits or a talent. Whether it is a disarming smile, an athletic body or a singing talent don’t hesitate use them to ensnare the girl you fancy.

4)    Set your standards

People will always treat you based on how you treat yourself. As a man, you need to set your own standards and uphold your principles. You should also have a baseline. Like if you don’t kiss-ass and your potential date is acting like she is doing you a favor by spending time with you drop her like hot coal. Protect your ego and never compromise your standards for anyone.

5)    Be ambitious and hardworking

Ambition is the new sexy. Since the days of the early man, women only mate with the guy who can protect and provide for her and the young ones. Without a job,surviving on study loans and a shoe string budget college is easily the toughest period for any young man. However with careful planning its possible to engage in a side hustle in between classes. You maybe broke but if a lady sees great potential and determination in you she wouldn’t think twice about dating you. 

6)    Be phenomenal

If you live a triangular life (class-mess-hostel) a change is long overdue. The campus girl would rather date a phenomenal guy than a predictable dude like you.  Skip a class, adopt a sport, hit the gym, go swimming, party hard, go hiking or even join a club. The trick is to explore your wild side to the fullest. Flirt with death, pull crazy stunts and be unpredictable. An interesting dude is a chiq magnet.

7)    Be confident

However good looking you might be, if you possess the courage of a rat then very few girls will want to date you. All men are afraid of rejection. You are no exception so find ways of overcoming that fear. If you see a lady you like across the room, lift your chin up, assume an up-right posture, confidently walk towards her and say hi! Remember to smile lest she mistakes you for a machete-welding thug. If it doesn’t play out well laugh it off, learn your mistake then go after the next one.

8)    Become a wordsmith

As the old adage goes, men are visual creatures while women are auditory creatures. Learn a new language and polish up your oratory skills. Speak with such finesse; carefully structure every word to touch her soul and intonation to guide her emotions to your goal. As I always say, if a lady listens to what you have to say the only time you should stop talking is when she says yes. The coolest thing about being a word smith is that you can convince her of almost anything and exonerate yourself from any trouble.

9)    Get over your ex

It’s rather depressing for any girl to date a guy who keeps whining about an ex-girlfriend he broke up with 5 years ago. Dude, you need to learn how to let go of your past and move on.

And for the guys who stalk or insult the girls who have turned down their offers, you need to grow up! If she doesn’t feel your vibe peddling rumors about her won’t change that. It only makes you look immature. Trust me no girl would touch you with a 10-foot pole once they learn about it.

10)           Hang out

If you don’t go out to social events and make new friends how the hell do you expect to meet a new catch? Concerts, club fun days, crusades and community service events are the most fertile grounds for a hook up. Dress up well and make as many friends as you can, after all most relationships begin with a smile.

There are myths propagated by ineligible bachelors about campus girls that they are immoral, materialistic and cheats, that’s bullshit! College just like any society has all kinds of people both good and bad. Just because you heard of some campus girls rolling with sugar daddies doesn’t mean they all do.

Up your game after all college is a jungle and only the fittest survive.

Written By Mark Maish


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