6 Reasons Why You Sometimes Look Ugly!


Ever woke up in the morning, went to the bathroom and checked yourself in the mirror. Looking right back at you is this strikingly beautiful, hot or handsome being. The next morning you go check the mirror only this time a cheap knockoff and ugly version of you looks back. You pinch yourself to confirm that it’s not a nightmare. The following are 6 reasons why you sometimes look ugly.

1)    Mood

When you are in a good mood, feeling great about your life or optimistic about something you are full of positive energy. When you look into a mirror your mind goes like “wow! I didn’t know I’m this attractive!” You walk around with your chin high up in the air, a spring in your gait because you feel like the fairest of all human beings.

However, when you are depressed, disappointed or lonely your mind is full of negative energy. When you look into the mirror during such moments all you see are your flaws.

2)    Exposed to harsh weather

When you are exposed to very cold weather, dust or the scorching sun without protective clothing your skin health depreciates. The dust covers your skin pores, cold shrinks the outer layer of your skin causing cracking of skin and itching. Long exposure to the sweltering sun not only dehydrates your body but also dulls your complexion. When you check out yourself immediately after being exposed to harsh weather conditions you are bound to find you mirror image less appealing.

3)    Binge drinking and lack of sleep

When you go binge drinking on weekends without making any effort to rehydrate then most likely your mirror image will be undesirable. Lack of sleep can lead to lackluster skin. Deprivation of sleep causes the body to release more of the stress hormone Cortisol, excessive amounts of this hormone break down the skin collagen, the protein responsible for keeping your skin smooth and elastic.

4)    Relationship status

People in long-term relationships tend to feel a lot more secure about their looks and body. This is the reason most of these people do not put so much effort in keeping up with fashion trends. After all, they already have someone who will be by their side in all circumstances. Single men and women are under so much pressure to look their best at all times so that potential suitors are not turned off by their appearance. This enormous pressure gives single people frequent bouts of ‘ugly mornings’

5)    Childhood teasing factor

When growing up, if you had other kids teasing you about your size, weight or a disproportional body part it haunts you for a greater part of your adulthood. When you stand before a mirror, you tend to imagine your flaw is so discernible that it’s the first thing people notice when they look at you. Relax, the truth is people hardly notice your nose is tiny, lips are fat or your toenails are crooked.

6)    Gender

The perception created by movies, TV adverts, music videos, glossy fashion magazines is that women have to be stunning beautiful and men simply efficient. This misconstruction is biased against the females. They are put under so much pressure to look outstanding while males are only expected to be ‘well groomed’ and providers. Men, therefore, tend to be a lot more satisfied with their mirror images as compared to ladies.

As the renowned scientist Albert Einstein simplified the theory of relativity “If you spend 2 hours speaking to a beautiful woman, you feel at the end of the two hours you’ve spent 2minutes; while if you spend 2minutes sitting on a hot stove, you feel like you’ve spent 2days”. Your mirror image is simply a manifestation of your positive energy, skin health condition and perception of beauty!

You are beautiful just the way you are, don’t let mirror or anyone tell you otherwise!

By Mark Maish


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    Great article! Number 5 is definitely true for me, and it still haunts me as an adult. I have social anxiety due to years of being teased about my physical appearance.

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