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    Caroline Njeri

    Mark….u seriously in best field…really enjoying the ariticles,how cn we follow them…do u hve a fan page or blog we cn like….

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    Son of the Soil

    Wonderful work there. Creative and well thought approaches that are both practical and consequential. I really appreciate this Mark

  3. 39

    The lady who allowed you to craft her thoughts into words on your blog was on point…those signs are real and true.
    Guys take them or leave them!

  4. 40

    Hey Mark.Your articles are very insightful and notable.On this note and being a man,I wish you could do an article on what exactly it is that men want in a woman especially those whom he may wish to marry.Many a times as ladies, we confuse liking for loving and this never sits in too well for ladies.I have not read all your articles hence am not sure if you have written such.I also prize your command of English.

  5. 45
    Kuranga Adedeji S.

    Kudos to you for this great and insightful work that you are doing to help this great generation. Keep it up the Lord will uphold you.

  6. 47

    Yo thanks for this, I’ve seen some other articles and this one seems most reasonable. Never break from the honest truth ok? P.s thx for helping me out again

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