7 Amazing yet Cheap Date Ideas


Photo courtesy: hellobeautiful.com
Photo courtesy: hellobeautiful.com


The day is finally here. The day every man wishes it is wiped off the calendar and women long to be treated as queens. But if you are like most guys, you push problems at the back of your mind until the D-Day. So you now have a few hours to come up with something creative and romantic but you are on a tight budget. And if you think she is not expecting anything, think again. Here are 7 amazing yet affordable date ideas around Nairobi.

1)    Movies

Movie theaters across the country are offering incredible packages. IMAX Kenya, for instance, offers great bargains to students with valid student’s I.D. Pick a timeless, romantic film and secure two tickets in advance. Better still you can choose to sneak in your own drinks and popcorns if your find their prices less friendly.

Movies shouldn’t be limited to theaters only. You can also choose to borrow a projector, connect it to your laptop and a good music system and transform your pad into a movie theater. All you will need after that is a movie with a heart-wrenching love story and a couch you can cuddle with your date as you watch it. Remember a movie date isn’t a complete without dinner.

2)    Make a romantic dinner

If you are used to taking her out for dinner or she is the indoor kind of girl it’s time you change tactic. Use the next few and precious days to learn how to prepare a new recipe. You can get tutorials on YouTube. Perfect your gastronomic skills then invite her over for dinner.

You can choose to make dinner before she gets there or have her over to watch you as you make the meal from scratch. If your place has a balcony with a great view then it’s time to make good use of it. Have a candlelit dinner on the balcony, under the moon and stars as great music plays in the background.

3)    Go camping in the wilderness

You can choose to venture out of the city to a holiday camp. Holiday camps offer a wide variety of activities like white water rafting, bungee, kayaking, and mountaineering. Paradise Lost, Kiambu, is one of the great camping spots. It’s proximity to the capital and very reasonable charges make it the perfect place to spend the weekend on a limited budget.

To make your stay at the camp a lot more fun, ask your friends and their girlfriends to accompany you there. You can then barbecue some goat ribs, dance with your partner as the musical talent dude in your crew plays guitar.

4)    Visit a shopping mall

With the influx of shopping malls in Kenya, you are definitely spoilt for choice. Talk to friends and find out which one offer lots of fun activities at a pocket-friendly price.  You can decide to take her bowling, play mini-golf or ice skating at the Panari Hotel especially if she is into sports. Don’t worry if she isn’t sporty you can choose to visit the Planet Yogurt, ice-cream Parlors or just go around window-shopping.

5)    Nature walks and picnics

If your date is an animal lover then taking her to an animal orphanage would be a great idea. The best time to go there is at midday when they are feeding the animals. Then she will get a chance to feed a giraffe or have a monkey eat nuts from her hair. If you’ve taken her to the zoo before, its time you try out something new. Take her horse riding at Thigiri ridge in Westlands. Let her ride on a white horse while you on a black one.

The Nairobi’s arboretum, Safari walk, and the Thika 14 falls are some of the coolest picnic places close to the capital. Make some sandwiches, get some drinks and carry a picnic mat. Compose a love poem but if it’s too difficult, get one from the internet, customize it to your liking then recite it to her on your date.

6)    Art galleries and museums

If your lady is an ardent art lover then, take her to an art gallery. Bobea Arts center, Donholm is the perfect place. There she would get to meet the very talented artists; you can even organize to have them do a portrait of her.

If she is into history then try the Nairobi National Museum or Railway Museum just a 100m from the Train station. The coolest thing about museums is their ambiance and lots of dim-lit rooms you can steal kisses in without having to worry about being arrested for indecent behavior.

7)    Dinner at a good restaurant

Chips and chicken at a fast food don’t pass for a dinner date. Take her to a good restaurant. Most restaurants display their special menu and price per plate at their entrance. Look for one with a price range that you can easily afford then get there early enough to secure a table.

Before settling on a restaurant, discreetly find out that one dish she fancies most yet she hasn’t had a taste of it then find a restaurant that serves it. Chopstix Chinese Restaurant in Hurlingham is a good pick if she would like to have oriental dishes.

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