In most democracies, the rights of women, children, and pets supersede those of men. In spite of the legalization of polygamous marriages in Kenya, it’s still not economically or psychologically feasible to marry more than one woman. Women have proved to be better players. They can be in a relationship but still, have a string of ‘boyfriends’ willing to cater to all their whims. Unfortunately, men do not enjoy this luxury. The following are 6 types of women that every man should date at some point in their lives.

1)    Wifey material

Mothers are altruistic, loving, accommodating, and sometimes overbearing. Most fathers only take pride in their star kids unlike mothers, who tend to accommodate and shower every kid with the much-needed love and attention. Consequently, men are inclined to get hitched to women that bear traits similar to their mothers, the wifey material.

The wifey material is often God fearing, humble and a little conservative. She doesn’t necessarily need to memorize half of the holy writ, cook better than Helena Rizzo or have a passé sense of fashion. She can be a tigress in the boardroom but embraces her womanhood when she gets home. A wifey material is great with kids and people in general. She is the kind of woman you wouldn’t mind tagging along to family functions. Having a woman who sticks by you through both good and bad times is every man’s dream so if you are lucky to have one hold on tight.

2)    The Aidoiomania

She may not possess a massive caboose but her flair in Kama sutra gymnastics makes Gertrude Mungai look like an amateur. While other ladies would give a myriad of excuses to avoid coitus, she is always ready for some.  She has a high libido, is experimental, and ready to fulfill even your most pervert sexual fantasies. She is a passionate and attentive lover, the kind you can never replace hence, find yourself always going back for more.

Most often she is older, confident about her body, and an experienced lover. The coolest thing about dating an aidoiomania is that she doesn’t mind tutoring you on the complexity of satisfying a woman in bed. In addition to quenching you insatiable urge, she transforms you into a great lover.

3)    A Prima donna

On several occasions, I have chastised women portraying megalomaniac tendencies notwithstanding they are instrumental aiding a man’s maturity. When a diffident guy dates a prima donna, he tends to grovel at her. She takes advantage of his insecurities issuing ultimatums with abandon. The poor dude is forced to meet her unreasonable demands lest she dumps him.

A prima donna will take it upon herself to transform an average guy she really likes into a suave dude she can comfortably hang out with. This means she will do an extreme makeover of your wardrobe and force you to obviate your unrefined habits and friends. Once you become urbane, more ladies will get interested thus boosting your self-esteem. You can then drop her for someone who treats you with respect. In the unfortunate event she looks down upon you for whatever reason, that’s all the motivation you need to work hard and improve.

4)    A trophy girlfriend

When a man has achieved considerable success in his career, he feels the need to also spice up his social life. What’s a better way of improving ones social standing than bagging a gorgeous lady who leaves other men drooling? All a woman needs to become a trophy girlfriend is flawless beauty, an enchanting smile and the elegance of royalty. She is the ultimate proof of a man’s success and virility.

It’s important to note that if you must have a trophy girlfriend, then you should also pass the threshold. You shouldn’t insist on dating shapely lass yet you are enormously corpulent. To successfully date a buxom lady you should keep fit and be well groomed.

5)    The trendsetter

A stroll around Nairobi would reveal the new trend, more women than men own cars (initially considered manly). This can be attributed to women empowerment and evolution of ‘Chamas’. Women are now able to pull together resources and make massive investments ranging from real estate to blue-chip companies.

Trendsetters are aggressive in pursuit of their dreams. They are intelligent, beautiful and don’t need a man to validate their worth. Trendsetters are more like eagles, they don’t hang out with low-flying birds so to date one, you must also be a go-getter. Dating such a lady pushes one out of their comfort zone. She constantly challenges you to exploit your full potential and achieve your very best.

6)    Miss Connections

Let’s face it, an average lady is better networked than 3 guys combined. This because they are better at making new friends and keeping in touch with old ones. What kind of guy would turn down a pretty woman? Now imagine being with a lady who has every contact you need to grow your startup. Do you need seed capital? She knows some venture capitalist. Do you want to set up a business? She knows government officials who can fast track the process. Would you like to buy some land? She knows a couple of property lawyers and cost estimators.

In as much as we would wish to date a lady with all the 6 traits, they simply do not exist. If you had to choose which of the 6 types of women would wish to spend the rest of your life with?

Written by Mark Maish


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