9 Most Interesting Types of Women!

9 interesting types of women
Before a man gets hitched he ought to have interacted with lots different women. He should only settle with one worth spending the rest of his life with. There is always that one woman you will never forget, even though she broke your heart, thanks to the amazing experience she gave you. Below is a list of 9 most interesting types of women every man should date.

1)    The taken lady

She has a boyfriend whom she claims to love very much nonetheless she initiates a fling with you to momentarily escape her boring relationship. She mostly targets guys who she considers exciting, non-judgmental and untamed. This often occurs if the main guy demands that she conducts herself with decorum and manners when all she wants is to be wild. The taken lady lowers her guard when around boyfriend no 2, shares with him about her aspirations, life troubles and affection without any fear whatsoever.

She is the most addictive kind of woman you will ever date since you get to enjoy all the benefits of a relationship without the emotional baggage and responsibilities that come with having a girlfriend. The idea that her main guy may put a bullet into your head should he find about you two makes it even more thrilling!

2)    Unchained good girl

She has been a good girl all her life, a favorite to both her parents and teachers. She even graduated with first class honours and landed a prestigious job. Conversely, she is tired of being miss goody two shoes and now wants to become a bad girl. Sheila* a management trainee of a leading pharmaceutical in Nairobi once confided in me, “The main reason I picked you is because I was tired of dating the good guys like me. I want a guy who has overindulged in drugs, alcohol, women and has a penchant for getting in trouble

You may be the first guy to convince her to take her first swing at the bottle but rest assured she will in no time drink you under the table. The kind of things the unchained good girl ends up doing will make even the evilest dude look like a saint!

3)    The psycho

At first, she seems like the most passionate woman you will ever have, showering you with expensive gifts and affection. In her twisted mind, she thinks you are her personal property. The psycho will drag you to every social event introducing you as ‘hers only’ before planting a long kiss on your lips just to make her friends turn green with envy. As time goes by she gets overprotective, insists you do everything together and raises a ruckus whenever you go out with your boys. You think its cute until she finds you bonding with another female.

The passionate lady you once knew suddenly goes into a murderous frenzy clawing at you platonic friend while spewing unprintable expletives. The day a woman whom you thought loved you charges at you with a dagger in hand over a flimsy reason is one you remember for eternity. It makes one learn to differentiate between a woman who is genuinely in love and a psycho.


4)    The urban sophisticate

She is stunningly beautiful. Whenever she smiles men get tongue-tied. She is every man’s fantasy, your friends respect and envy you with equal measure. Dating such a woman requires a great deal of self-confidence and high levels of maturity. The fact that every guy is hitting on her shouldn’t make you feel insecure or inadequate. She is just a woman so don’t treat her like a goddess if you want whatever you have to last long. Dating such a woman is bound to boost your esteem.

It’s funny how a man easily gets undeserved favors and attention whenever he walks around with the urban sophisticate in tow.

5)    The free spirit

Men are genetically wired to be methodological that’s why we go shopping with a list, pick everything we need and leave the supermarket as if demons are on our trail. This also explains why most men are rigid and predictable often blaming this on the need to be responsible. Dating a free spirit is bound to transform you into an interesting and unpredictable dude. The unwritten rule for such women is ‘Never plan to have fun, it should be random’

She is adventurous and fun to be around which makes her the ideal date for clubbing and road trips

6)  The arty hipster

She is beautiful, humble and greatly talented. The most amazing thing about the arty hipster is her passion and enthusiasm for what she does. She sees things in full colors, takes life easy and seems to be always having fun. Where else most people complain about their boring jobs she totally loves what she does. Her optimism and connection to nature are like a rare jewel in such a troublesome world. Hanging out with her makes you appreciate the little things in life like watching the sunset, sipping a glass of wine under the stars or camping in the wild.

She will help you find inner peace and rejuvenate your energy when life gets tough! If lucky, she may write a song or poem about you. Isn’t that cool?



7)    The drama queen

She is the most despicable type of woman due to her false sense of entitlement and scathing criticism. A drama queen tends to blow out of proportion insignificant stuff making it sound like a disaster. This is because she always wants to be at the center of attention. The first lesson you learn from her is the art of hearing instead of listening as she incessantly complains about you buying her scenic blue earrings when her favorite color is aquarium blue.

Since she holds high standards dating her makes you acquire refined mannerisms and tastes; good food, excellent wine and an impeccable sense of fashion. The most interesting thing about her is that she isn’t clingy. Should you differ in opinion each one walks off to different directions no ass-kissing!

8)    Ms innocent

She is the complete opposite of a drama queen. She is pretty, humble and a hopeless romantic. Her grand perception about love makes your relationship seem magical. She makes you buy her flowers and chocolates, write love poems and go for long walks on the beach. She is the kind you would be comfortable to introduce to your family. Unfortunately, her naivety often sets her for trouble since she easily trusts guys who end up shattering her heart into a million pieces.

Dating this type of woman assures one that there are still some good women out there!

9)    The alpha woman

An alpha woman is super intelligent, over-ambitious, gorgeous and fiercely independent. She doesn’t need constant assurances or a guy to take care of her.  More often than not she will take charge of the relationship dictating which direction it takes. She will engage you with intelligent discourses ranging middle-east problems to Benoit’s image restoration theory. This means you have to well-informed and drop any traditional views you hold about men being better than women.

An alpha woman will readily sacrifice anything and everything (including you) to achieve her dreams. And since she doesn’t hang out with failures you will be forced to work twice harder consequently becoming very successful in your career. They say 93% of men cannot date a woman who is smarter and more successful compared to them.

Despite her tough exterior she secretly longs for a man who will always be there for her. Alpha men may be comfortable dating her however very few end up marrying her. Only a humble and less assertive man can get hitched to her not one who is constantly competing with her.

Which of the 9 types are you most comfortable dating?

Written By Mark Maina


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