Are you a young man with a decent education, an enviable income, and good genes? Have you identified a lady you would like to settle down with? Well just before you put a ring on it, take a step back, and momentarily forget how you feel about her. Is she really the kind of person you would like to spend the rest of your life with? Women are gifted schemers. Once a lady identifies you as a potential hubby, she will go to any length to fit into your description of Miss Right. The following are 6 signs she is too ratchet and toxic for you.

Women are gifted schemers. Once a lady identifies you as a potential hubby, she will go to any length to fit into your description of Miss Right. The following are 6 signs she is too ratchet and toxic for you.

1) Her poison

Due to increasing onslaught on the patriarchal society, increasing empowerment of women and call for equality, men have come to grudgingly accept that women too can drink and smoke. A woman who takes wine is classy but one who drinks her whiskey neat with a straw is without a doubt toxic.

Ladies who smoke Sheesha are thought to be urbane, weed as experimental but one who smokes cigarettes worst of all in public is ratchet! To hide this, she will disappear frequently for a puff then chew lots mints to hide the odor. Run from this one and never look back!

2) Pathological liar

Everything about her is spurious. She lies about her name, place of residence, what she does or deliberately omits details about her life like that she has a 2 year-old kid living with her mother. You can also identify her miles away from her phony accent. She will always be hiding something which makes her the least desirable candidate for a long-term relationship.

If she is 20 –something years old yet still uses ‘X’ in place of ‘S’ or can hardly write a grammatically correct sentence in her texts then she is definitely ratchet.


3) Licentious

We all know of such a lustful lady who readily beds any man who gives her some attention. The only way she can stand out in a crowd by dressing dress trashy. You can never have any meaningful conversation with her since all she thinks about is sex. Strange enough there is always some guy who claims to love her despite she having more sexual partners than her IQ. Often the guy makes it his life mission to transform her into an upright woman. A fool’s errand! Spoilt girls hardly change unless you believe in pastor Kanyari’s miracles.

You could be nursing your drink in silence at the bar as you nod to the music only to have some lascivious lady walk over, grab your crotch then winks suggestively at you before walking back to her seat. For the record, having your balls grabbed and mangled by those long nails is excruciatingly painful. Not sexy at all! It only works in movies.

4) Looking for a man to take care of her

It is a man’s responsibility to take good care of his wife and kids. However this is the kind of girl you meet on Saturday night and by Sunday afternoon she expects you to foot her salon bill, clear her overdue rent and buy her a car. She makes so many financial demands while trying to justifying it, ‘a real man should take care of his lady.

This particular lady often doesn’t have a job or any aspirations to get one. She is a parasite with Champagne tastes on a beer budget. Tying a knot with this kind is worse than contracting Ebola. She will drain all you have accumulated since she is much more interested in squandering than helping you create more wealth.


5) Twisted Diva

She is full of chutzpah. She has utterly no talent yet she proclaims to be a diva and demands to be treated like royalty. When you hang out with her, she constantly denigrates the people around. “Just see how that lady is so huge yet she is still eating junk.”   When it comes to fashion she will point out mistakes in stranger’s attire and call quite a number of people ugly yet she is actually worse than them.

The twisted diva only visits Pizza Inn and Burger Dome on the days they have offers then floods your Instagram timeline with pictures.  Women often judge a man by his shoes. Men judge women by their hairstyles. If you sport one of those poorly done, ugly, red synthetic lace front wigs then you have no right to complain when a guy puts on his favorite jersey t-shirt 5 days a week!

6) Arrogance and negative energy

There is a clear difference between self-confidence and self-aggrandizement. A confident person appreciates who they are and accepts that there are people who are better than them at some things. An arrogant person cannot stand the idea they aren’t the best at everything so they hate those better than them and trample upon those weaker. I detest women who look down upon minimum wage workers, the poor, less educated and even old people.

Since she can’t stand the idea of you getting better, such a lady will discourage you from pursuing your dreams. She will continuously magnify your weaknesses and downplay your abilities. She is the most toxic of all! Run away from her before she drags you down with her!

What are some of the experiences you’ve had with ratchet & toxic women?

Written by Mark Maish


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