Are you extremely beautiful, wealthy, highly talented or ambitious? Do you ever feel like people hate and try to pull you down? Well, you are not far from the truth. Normally, people secretly hate those who seem better than them in all spheres of life. This explains why when a celebrity or Politician errors the rest of the population take it upon themselves to chastise and discredit them on social media.

As an outstanding individual it’s imperative that you come up with a strategy to overcome the curse afflicting trailer blazers. The following are 6 rules every exceptional individual should live by especially at the work place to ensure their survival.

1) Never outshine the master

As Robert Greene put in his book, The 48 laws of power “Avoid outshining the master. All superiority is odious, but the superiority of a subject over his prince is not only stupid, it is fatal.” The worst mistake most gifted individuals make whenever they join the corporate world is striving to showcase their talents in the most obscene manner that the boss and fellow employees feel overshadowed. Unfortunately this will only galvanize the other employees to do everything within their power to dim your star.

However trivial this may sound, most bosses are scared of workers who show great potential. They view them as an eminent threat to their jobs. Consequently, they make it their lives mission to destroy them.  To avoid this no matter how intelligent you are or how incompetent the boss is, never suggest they are unworthy of their position. Treat them with dignity, respect and compliment their management skills even when you disagree on their methods.

 2) Feed their vanity

It is funny how your co-workers can passionately hate you for being better looking than them. In their twisted minds they imagine you would snatch away their partners, steal their clients or become the boss’s favourite. To successfully deflate such hatred find out that one thing each one of them craves for most then feed their vanity. Does your co-worker feel like everyone else in the office despises them? Good! Regularly say how highly you think of her, listen and treat her with great respect.  Does your boss have a gigantic ego? Always address them by their respective title, cunningly massage their ego such that they feel like a deity without necessarily making yourself look like a people pleaser.

By giving each of your co-workers and boss what they crave for most makes them think of you more like a close ally so the next time someone says something nasty about you they will be quick to defend you.

 3) Deliberately make mistakes

Undertaking any activity in an area you are intrinsically talented in feels so easy that you wonder why anyone else finds it difficult.  Occasionally make mistakes then seek out advice from your superiors on how to correct them. Once they ‘successfully’ help you out, profusely thank them for their time and counsel. Remember to also give them credit in public especially if they are in a position of authority. This makes your superiors believe that they are smarter and better than you hence comfortable with helping you grow.

Baring out your weaknesses to people especially if it is something that they can easily achieve ingratiates you to them. They realise you are not perfect just like them therefore see no point in hating you for being good at other things.

4) Let others shine

When you are used to being the best, chances are that you think other people don’t really care about being on the spotlight. The truth is that even the most boring person often than not wishes they could become the most humorous in the room. Therefore when a co-worker achieves something however minute it may seem blow it out of proportions, have everyone else know about is so he/she can also have a taste of being at the centre of attention. Other times when you win an award dedicate it to someone who played a behind-the-scene role in the project. This will make those you work with feel appreciated. Believe you me next time they would readily go out of their way to ensure your project is a success.

5) Hang out with equally gifted individuals

People who are successful in their own fields tend to be less envious of your success. They would readily help you achieve even more. However, unsuccessful people are often bitter. When someone they normally interact with grows and becomes better than them, they try their best to drag them down. It is far much better to be the last among champions than to be the first among losers.

6) Acting on it before revealing to general public

The more you talk about doing something the less likely you will go through with it. Highly successful people have mastered the art of keeping quiet, burning the midnight oil working towards their goals only to revealing them to the general public once they have achieved them. When you have a great idea don’t go telling all sundry about it. Most people will discourage you and some will go to the extent of ensuring you don’t achieve your objectives. Speak less, listen keenly and do more!

As a highly gifted person, you should be ready to have people constantly criticize, vehemently hate and rejoice when you slip. It is ingrained in the human gene. This is not to say you should hide all your genius and embrace mediocrity so people would like you rather fully exploit your potential albeit magnanimously. Numerous young and highly gifted people have died under mysterious circumstances simply because their potential threatened those in power.

If you really want to achieve greatness instead of being referred to as the guy who had potential start being devious, calculative and a mystery!

Written by Mark Maish


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