8 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Valentines Gift

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February the month of love is, without a doubt, the toughest time for every human being with a Y-chromosome in their gene. The pressure to impress your lady especially on valentines is immense forcing we men to sought advice from our female friends on what to get our partner.

Come 14th of February, your girl expects you to give her surprise treat and a well-thought gift. This is easier said than done hence a number of despicable men will feign kidnapping only to reappear a day after valentines with a sordid story of their ordeal. The following are 8 tips on choosing the perfect gift for the lady you love most based on her personality.

1)    Diva

A diva is the female version of a hustler. She has a high opinion of herself, expensive tastes, overly dramatic, temperamental and often rude. She is very particular about the class of people she associates with, shopping places and restaurants she dines. Since she has unrealistic expectations she tends to compare the cost of the gift to your love for her. If your lady is a diva, get her a rare gemstone, a sleek ride, latest high-tech gadget or an off-the-runway dress. Be warned, you need to spend a fortune in order to please a woman with a diva personality.

2)    Conservative

She upholds strong moral values. She is principled, cautious and practices moderation. She values the traditional family virtues thus has the potential of making a great wife and mother. Since she is an introvert, she spends most of her time indoors and enjoys serene surroundings.

The perfect gift for such a lady is a thrilling experience that she will always live to remember. Surprise her with a voucher to a spa joint, a tour over Maasai Mara in a hot-air balloon, camp in the wilderness or a picnic in a deserted elevated place overlooking the city at night.

3)    Funky/adventurous

She is the kind of a girl who lives on the fast-lane. She has an impeccable sense of fashion, unpredictable, an adrenaline junkie and easy going. There is never a dull moment in her life. Her leisure pursuits may include bungee jumping, shopping, karaoke singing, car racing and partying. The perfect gifts for her include a designer hand bag, trendy clothes, and shoes. Take her rock-climbing, board surfing or to a rock concert.

4)    Religious

She abhors alcohol and has been pestering you to quit drinking and the occasional smoke. Her conversations are interjected with bible verses and inspirational quotes. The perfect gift for her is a Tablet-PC with a bible app installed and loaded with countless inspirational eBooks. If you can afford, pay for her pilgrimage trip to Israel to affirm her beliefs. The perfect treat for her would be for you to drop your iniquities and receive Jesus Christ before her church congregation.

5)    Artistic

An artistic lady is very talent be it in singing, painting or playing instruments. Artists are dynamic, creative and open-minded therefore you need to get her something out of the ordinary. Pick something that will help grow her talent. Get a set of colors and brushes for a painter, a professional camera for a photographer or a piano if she plays.

6)    Geeky

This is the kind of lass who always topped her class. She has a doctorate and is currently pursuing her second PhD. She is well-respected and admired by members of her profession. She is probably developing a new life-changing drug and is even nominated for a Nobel Prize. The only human being who can rival her brains is Albert Einstein. The best gift for her would be a super fast computer, books or a new set of screw drivers if she is an engineer. Just like the conservative kind, a unique experience would be perfect for one with a geeky personality.

7)    Classy

She is mostly from an affluent background. Her tastes are refined. She possesses polished mannerism and is selective to the kind of music she listens to. Her hobbies may include playing tennis, reading and charity work. She isn’t a flashy dresser but if you were to calculate the total cost of the accessories donned it might be close to the price of the small Japan-made cars. The categories of gifts best suited for her are jewelry, antiques, art pieces and exotic fragrance. Take her to an opera or salsa concert.

8)    Go-getter

She is a very successful, well traveled, a career woman who goes after everything she desires and stops at nothing to get it. Mostly works as a top manager in blue-chip companies, NGO’s or is a successful entrepreneur. She poses the greatest challenge in choosing a gift for since she can get anything she wants. She values most non-monetary gifts. Get her a snow globe or a portrait of her she can hang in her office and make her a romantic dinner. Above all be understanding and always there for her.

You can incorporate clichés like cards, roses, and chocolate bars but for the main gift go for something long lasting, creative and unique. Most women don’t give a damn about the price tag; all they care about is the thought behind the gift especially if it is from someone they deeply care about.

Happy valentines!

Written by Mark Maish

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