It’s Friday evening, traffic out of the city is heavy. You pray that the widespread cumulonimbus clouds hold on until you reach your destination. You just got back from a week-long workshop in Kisumu. You long for two things, your bed and having the woman you love most in your arms.  After maneuvering through the chaotic traffic, you get home only to find your lady preparing Ugali, chicken, and managu, your favorite dish.

She flashes you a disarming smile melting away the lag. She is in a black and white striped dress that ends just above the knees revealing a pair of sexy shapely legs. STL kind of legs. How did I end up with such a jewel? Not only does she have all qualities you want in a wife but is also an exquisite beauty. Actually, she looks even better than the storied TV sirens. You hug her from behind. She turns around, kisses you until your lips dry up before asking you to go freshen up.

You jump into the bathroom, take your time to manscape and douse your body with invigorating shower creams. By the time you are done, dinner is ready. She sets the dishes on a mat in the balcony. The clouds are gone so you can see the crescent moon and stars. She serves the food, pours wine into the glasses then sits next to you, leaning her head on your chest. Tonight you let her do the talking. She tells you how her week has been. Just like previous times, her jealous workmates couldn’t refrain themselves from making her life a living hell.

For a half-hour, you hold each other in silence, watching the magical sky. She suggests you go to bed. You promise to join her in a few minutes after replying to an urgent email. In the real sense, your main objective is to move any suspicious pictures of the workshop from your phone into a hidden folder in the computer.

After carting away the contraband, you slip into your pajamas then join her in bed. On previous nights she would come up with flimsy excuses, however, tonight she makes the first move. Whoever said distance makes the heart fonder must have had her in mind. The night turns out to be an amazing one as all your carnal urges are satisfied.

Reeling from last night’s passions you feel obliged to serve her breakfast in bed hence you dash into the kitchen and make omelets. As you are walking back to the bedroom carrying the tray something on the desk catches your eye.

You retrace your steps to the desk and set the tray beside the computer. The screen comes to life revealing a picture of you getting cozy with another lady, damn! How could I forget to switch off the computer and worst of all leave a suspicious picture on the screen? You quickly hide the folder then switch off the computer feeling all lucky that your lady was still asleep. You then pick the tray and walk into the bedroom.


Morning sleeping beauty, I made you breakfast” you announce while pulling the duvet away from her. She turns to face you. Her countenance is without a trace of delight. You offer her a piece of the omelet. She refuses to open her mouth instead stares back at you. You don’t need an oracle to know things are about to get ugly. You sit on the edge of the bed and sip some juice as you wait for her to throw the first salvo.

What could I have possibly done? Did I unconsciously call out another woman’s name while making love to her last night? You unsuccessfully rack your brains for clues.

Just before you take a bite at your tasty sandwich, she sits up and asks,

 “Who is Liz?”

This question throws you off balance. Liz is the lady you had a short-lived fling with a couple of months ago .

“Why are you asking and where is this coming from?” you respond feigning annoyance.

“I want to know who Liz is to you!”

“She is just a friend!”

“If she is just a friend, why do you have a folder full of pictures of you and her?”

“Uhm…she is a close friend and a business partner nothing more!”

“Do you always kiss your so called ‘business partners’?”

“No, that was a mistake…We were both drunk…You have nothing to worry about.”

“Are you serious? You have countless pictures of you and her yet you have the audacity to tell me it’s nothing to worry about??”

“Cmon babe, she has a boyfriend and you know it’s you I love!”

 You move closer trying to embrace her only to have her push you away.

“How long have you been sleeping with her?”

“I have never slept with her. Can you please stop blowing this out of proportion?”

“LIAR! You have been cheating on me all this time while I have been loyal to you!” She then jumps out of the bed tears streaming down her face and makes for the computer.


Guilt eats you up inside. The sight of the woman you love crying isn’t something you ever want to see again. How do you make her understand you only cheated on her at a time when you were going through a rough patch in your relationship? How do you make a woman understand that it was purely physical or how you did it to massage your ego after she insulted you and made you feel inadequate?

She is now crying uncontrollably while checking the incriminating pictures of you and Liz. You stand next to her ashamed, regretting why you messed things up.

“Mark, why did you hurt me like this after all I have done for you?…I stuck with you when you were a broke college student. I helped you grow your business. I even turned down a promotion so that I would stay close to you only for you to cheat on me with her?”

Every word she says is like a dagger through your heart. It is indisputable that she made you the man you are today. She stuck with you when you had nothing and encouraged you when your business failed a couple of times along the way. She even transformed you from being the rugged dude who didn’t know anything about fine dining and etiquette into the refined man you are today.

It pains you knowing you’ve hurt a good woman. She is a woman whom you are assured would always stand beside you through all storms life brings you. She is the greatest woman you are about to lose.

You seek forgiveness, no beg for forgiveness and promise to mend your ways forever. Unfortunately, she doesn’t believe anything coming out of your mouth. To her, you are the man that irreparably broke her heart. Thanks to you she may never trust or wholly love another man again. You have shattered all the dreams she had about you two having great kids and living happily ever after.

“Please tell me what I can do to make it right with you!”

“There is nothing you can do to correct this. I cannot be with you anymore!”

“Aki babe I don’t want to lose you! I’m in love with you and care so much about you”

“I loved you too {sob} Sorry, I was not good enough for you {sniff} I wish you and Liz a happy life together!”

She puts on her lovely black & white stripped dress, picks her handbag and walks out of your apartment without touching her breakfast or even brushing her teeth. You run after her only to find her out of the main gate. You call out her name. She looks back, pain, disappointment, and rejection written all over her face. She whispers, “Goodbye love” amid sobs then walks away into the fog without looking back. Your heart sinks further knowing that is probably the last time you will ever set your eyes on her again!

Fellow men, if you have a good woman strive to do right by her because good women are hard to come by. Take time off your busy schedule today, treat your woman and appreciate her especially if she has been by your side when you started from the bottom. Don’t let a one-night-romp destroy your relationship.

They say the loyalty of a woman is tested when she has nothing while that of a man is tested when he has everything.

Have a faithful week!

Written by Mark Maish


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  1. 15

    A good and supportive woman is very hard to come by, but when she does and you have a completely opposite woman at the time, then you have no choice but to let go.

  2. 35

    How about one on, cheating on the man you love. men are victims too and ladies need to understand that the few real and good men out there are suffering. Good men are hard to come by and if the few good are treated as such all men will opt to be the stereotype that is, men cheat. let them know if you have a good man keep him, if you know he is a great man but you dont really love him just leave him be. Dont destroy the few good, by playing around with the bad .

  3. 43
    el Fuser

    Dude!! … a master piece this is … finely put together for anxious readers like us.

    A victim of circumstance but vowed to mend things right.

  4. 46

    Hi Mark
    I enjoy your way of telling a story, and ‘The Kenya’s Middle Class Nightmare’ was the best article I have read this year, because apart from the great writing, the message was deep, genuine and very, very helpful. I shared that article and discussed it with some of my closest and dearest.

    However, I must voice my utter disappointment with ‘Cheating on the woman you love!’ The story is well told, for sure, but apart from that, I did not get the intrigue I expected from it. I expected a twist, with great insights from the article. All I got is an old, repeated cliche of a story. We have heard or read that story in one way or the other, Mark. You could have taught your ‘good woman’ lesson in a more original way. I mean, look at any romance or drama show, the script is what you describe above, and that’s boring. The woman dresses in a certain way, is ‘gorgeous’, makes dinner, the couple has a romantic evening, they sleep together, and the man is later caught cheating. Which, by the way, is a very Western script. I’m bored by this lack of originality, please, abeg, look around for inspiration, Maish, don’t be a copy cat. You certainly did not come off as one when you wrote ‘The Kenya’s Middle Class Nightmare’. But seeing as we ape the West and their movies/series dutifully, maybe I should cut you some slack.

    But I still have some little hope that you will indulge me 🙂 Cheers

  5. 52

    A beautiful piece, perfect description and flow. Keep it up, and thanks! On the Story, I feel the couples didn’t understand love, for love is patient and kind, and doesn’t keep a record of wrongs…love listens, and bears, even though it does get wounded and can be quenched especially when it is not well reciprocated. But it wins, for love, God’s love in us, never fails!

  6. 58

    Such a good read, people lose jewels in search of stones. Don’t lose the womsn of your life for the whore of the night!

  7. 60

    Nice piece BUT we also do have good men who are cheated on. I keep saying it takes two to tangle. Men do not cheat with goats they cheat with other WOMEN. Men who cheat either do it with a single or married woman and vice versa too, so when the same woman (either single or married who had a married man as a boyfriend) later in life ‘settles down’ have their women counterparts cheat with THEIR men, why blame the men only again?!!!!!….it is the woman who has to power to control a man coz men are very weak emotionally and we all know it 🙂

    • 61

      Men are human beings with the ability to make decisions. Saying that men are weak emotional beings is demeaning and not true. No one is born strong or weak,you make yourself that way or circumstances make you that. If the above was true then are the men who control their emotions and bodies super-men or small gods?

  8. 68

    Yeah th article ws ‘like a dagger thro ma heart’ she went n neva came back.1yr now.a sworn neva 2do this again.2 sm1 I love.

  9. 69
    Doris wasike

    All the events here describe my recent eperience,despite the hardship we went through with the children when he didn’t have money.

  10. 75

    Fellow men, if you have a good woman strive to
    do right by her because good women are hard to
    come by. Take time off your busy schedule
    today, treat your woman and appreciate her
    especially if she has been by your side when you
    started from the bottom. Don’t let a one-night-
    romp destroy your relationship….good one Mark Maina

  11. 76
    Kogo Felix

    Mark, I bet to say the piece was remarkably good. You stated all what is happening nowadays in our country let those who read this article get a sense of change.

  12. 91
    Harrison Maina

    Yeah. If you have a good woman, hide those juicy folders and be discreet when you decide to sleep around.

    Because many men do.

    Unfortunately ukishikwa….just remember it wasn’t you.

  13. 92

    Wait did you just said your favorite food is ugali, chicken and managu? … Anyway i always like your thoughts in writing bruh

  14. 98
    Kay Tee

    “She leaves without touching her breakfast.”

    Yayyy, my life just crumbled but at least there’s food for me. Yayyy.

    I will be full when I am crying.

    And what gives her the audacity to grow through my phone? And Mark, why the hell would you assume I don’t have a folder lock on my sensitive photos.

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