20 Traits of Truly Brilliant Presenters

For a very long time, I watched my favorite public personalities including US President Barrack Obama speak before thousands of people with so much confidence and ease. I always wondered whether I would ever be able to do the same considering how scared I was to even speak before a small crowd of strangers. After several months of learning and practicing, I would say that I’m now a good speaker judging from the round of applause and compliments I get every time I speak in public or make a presentation.

In this century, you cannot avoid making presentations to a potential client or boss otherwise scaling the corporate ladder would be an uphill task. The good news is that anyone can become a brilliant speaker if they learn the basic principles of presenting and apply them.

I just stumbled upon the infographic below by GoToMeeting detailing 20 Traits of Truly Brilliant Presenters. I wish I had seen this before as it would have made my transformation easier. If you are struggling with presentations then this is an important resource for you.



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    I am a good presenter though when I speak, people claim i talk as if my nostrils are blocked hihi (kama nimefunga mapua)i think this will be of great help.Thanks for sharing.

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    I like this – will print it out and stick where I can see it.

    For those interested in improving public speaking and leadership skills, – Join Toastmasters! Check the website to find a club near you.

    Its fun and very effective.

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