Thugs in Suits Mark Maish

A few days ago my mother pointed out that I have become calculative and ruthless. I couldn’t agree more, this city has changed me. There are lots of men & women in this city who prey on young and desperate people.

They shamelessly take advantage of naive, hardworking and highly talented people, exploit them for selfish gains then discard them like trash. I call them thugs in suits. They are everywhere, from government institutions, private sector to learning institutions hunting for their next victim.

It pains so much that every young person I meet has a tale of how they have been taken advantage of or worse sexually exploited by someone in a position of authority. It is sad and sickening how they target the most vulnerable among us. We can no longer keep quiet when so many young entrepreneurs find themselves in huge debts simply because someone refuses to pay them their rightful dues for services rendered or goods delivered.

In May 2015, I lost all my money and crippled my startup just because a client who is a powerful individual didn’t see the need of honoring their end of the deal after I met all my obligations. I clearly remember how I was left with just Ksh 100 having spent all my savings on the project. You know things are tough when the only choice you have left is to sell all your household items then crawl back to your mother’s house yet you are a full grown man.

The ordeal made me realize that I had been playing the victim for way too long, letting people step on me without any consequences. I made a promise to myself to never ever let anyone use me as a doormat no matter how powerful they are.

Its time you realize that you are a lot more powerful than you know thanks to technology and social media. We need to stop these miscreants from pulling us down when we already have many other factors working against us. Their biggest weapons are threats and intimidation aimed at beating us into submission. Don’t let them brainwash you into thinking that you cannot live without their diabolical favors.

Firstly, never undertake any tender or job without a valid contract. Secondly, know your worth and stand up for what you believe in regardless of what’s at stake. Thirdly, always have a contingency plan. Finally, read extensively about power and people. Top on that list should be 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

Remember, we may not be as wealthy and connected like they are but we are driven, we are creative and above all, we have one another.

Written By Mark Maish


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    Reading this left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. After clearing campus, like any other graduate in this town, I looked for a job in vain so my friend introduced me to the world of academic writing which is very lucrative and keeps one busy. I worked with this guy for a while and he kept lying to me about my payment and he eventually went under with my money. A huge amount of money, I tried to get the CID in the case but I realized that the system is skewed towards those who have the money. this was a young person like me btw. I have since learnt to be very calculating and ruthless just like you. I am impatient and I read greed on a person’s face just by how they express themselves. I also do not let people walk on me and I make firm decisions which can no longer be shaken unlike in my naive days.

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    mikes Kocholla

    So true more so for me in consulting work. i have learned to demand for contracts before trying my hands on client’s work since the contract will be your savior when the time comes for payment and the client just don’t feel like paying. its is seeing the end at the beginning and not i wish i knew anymore…

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