Quarter-life Crisis

Reality hits you really hard when you turn 25. You realize that you have lived for a freaking quarter century yet have nothing to show for it. Quarter-life crisis strikes. Younger siblings look up to you, parents expect you to take on more responsibilities, hell even kids start referring to you as yule mbaba, thanks to your bulging waistline.

Initially, you could take a chick to a fast-food joint on a date and she would love it. Now, you can’t spend anything less than 2,000 bob on an impromptu lunch date.

It feels like everyone else is progressing in life while you are struggling to stay afloat. Actually, being broke no longer scares you. With the economy in shambles and rising levels of unemployment, you wonder why you worked so hard in school.

At this stage, every choice you make has a direct impact on your career. However, it is difficult to drop bad habits. Mid-twenties is the turning point of your life having identified the people you can rely on and dropped fake friends.

I have been getting lots of emails inquiring why I haven’t written in awhile. Well, three months ago I sat down to revise my life plan only to realize that if continued working in the same workplace, I would never reach my full potential or become a billionaire. Heck, it would take me two decades just to push my net worth to 10 million. I quickly drafted a resignation letter and emailed it to the HR.

Less than 24 hours to the launch of my new business, a very close friend passed on. I was devastated and my plans were thrown into disarray. I decided to spend my entire December traveling across the country and meeting new people.

Come January, I went to withdraw some cash from the ATM only to discover I had spent all my savings. Money that was meant to sustain me for the next three months was all gone.

Faced with the prospect of sleeping hungry and being kicked out of my digs, my creative juices peaked. Boy, being broke has a way of unearthing talents you didn’t even know existed. So here I am awake at way past midnight developing proposals in a bid to land some clients.

Believe you me, most people you meet have bigger problems than you but they don’t walk around with a long face. Actually, the friend who is always smiling is probably dealing with issues above your threshold.

Stop complaining about how unfair life is or expecting someone to sweep in like Luke Cage and save you. Get ready to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

See, you only have two choices. Either feel sorry for yourself and blame everyone else for your misfortunes or use the rocks life throws you to build an empire.

Written By Mark Maish


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  1. 1
    Nyawera Gikaru

    You and I are sailing on the same boat. I have decided to keep my circle as small as possible, my mission this year is follow my passion and do want I love most .. Happy new year Mark ☺ ☺

  2. 3
    Mical Imbukwa

    I always enjoy reading you Mark. You have a unique way of expressing your thoughts that one can’t help but read you to the end. Seems we are sailing in the same bout at the moment. Nice article.

  3. 9
    Dr Faith

    Better to have the crisis now than at age 30… It doesn’t look very pretty at that age..I hope your age mates read middle class nightmare with the same interest as us older people..Keep writing.

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