Michael Jackson: Legendary Performer and Fashion Icon

It is almost a decade since he passed on, however, Michael Jackson’s music continues to rule the airwaves. He is the only performer of our time who enjoyed a massive following from teens all the way to octogenarians.

MJ was the first musician to earn 8 Grammys in one night, two places on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, two inductions in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and a Top 10 Billboard hit in five different decades. Michael Jackson repeatedly made history throughout the years and remains one of the most celebrated musical icons to date. Although many artists have been honored with MTV’s Michael Jackson Vanguard Award, none of them have filled his shoes quite like he did.

With his greatest hits highlighted in Broadway musicals like Thriller and digital entertainment through the King of Pop game from newly launched online hub Britain’s Got Talent Games, the world has yet to find another artist that has accomplished and moved his fans as much as he did. Other than the music industry, his influence extended to the film category with his music videos manifesting as short films. His name has also been uttered numerous times in the fashion world, leaving a style legacy in addition to his musical successes.

From the single white glove to the red leather jacket, the King of Pop made one fashion statement after another throughout the course of his career. Jackson was truly a risk taker in both music and personal style, as Diply shares his famous quote, “My attitude is if fashion says it’s forbidden, I’m going to do it.”

His rebellion was his signature and had a major impact on fashion, both back then and in the present day. And if there’s anything that he taught us through his style, it’s that we’re not courageous enough with our own.

Growing up, my sense of fashion was heavily influenced by MJ’s dressing, which is probably why I’m always in moccasins and pants that end just above the ankles.  Here is a bit of that MJ swagger that you can incorporate into your personal style.

Glittery Separates

A prelude to the glitter embellished and sequined military jackets that he became well known for later, Jackson began wearing menswear basics after his first collaboration with Quincy Jones. Rather than opting for neutral colors, he often wore something sparkling on top as a nod to his eccentricity.

In the era of “Bad,” the singer debuted another leather jacket trend that appeared tougher than the previous leather biker. MTV describes it as black and heavy on the zipper finishes, complemented with chunky belts, buckles and chains around his waist and along his pant leg, as well as armbands and fedoras.

High Waist Pants and Sparkly Socks

In order to draw attention to his fancy footwork, black high waist slacks were cropped to show off his sparkling socks. Among many of the trends he started, this look was one of the most important outfits that made its way into pop culture history.

He may be gone but his music and fashion trends will continue to influence millions for decades.

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