Ultimate Guide to a One-Night Stand

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My inbox is often flooded with messages from readers requesting me to hook them up with a partner. This ranges from campus youth looking for older wealthy lovers, to working millennials looking for serious partners. Others are only interested in landing a one-night stand.

Working in a structured environment, doing same things over and over can be monotonous. As a young soul with unbridled energy, sometimes you just want to let go. Become reckless for a night and do crazy stuff like going home with a complete stranger.

This can feel like an arduous task if it is your first time or you are scared of ending up with a psycho. So how do you find someone who is interested in a night of fun that you can reminisce about for months without sorrowful tears?

Well, choose a platform that offers a conducive, relaxed atmosphere and allows ease of communication. Your workplace is definitely not the right place.

Online dating sites are your best bet. This is because they provide a great choice of representatives for all tastes. According to some studies, about 85% of dating sites users search for sexual adventures without obligations. The male contingent of these sites is usually happy to find a pretty woman, who doesn’t conceal her real intentions.

Dating platforms also allow you to showcase your most outstanding traits while offering you a chance to stay anonymous if you so wish. However, this can also work against you. Imagine this, you enter a café looking for your date who is a tall muscular guy as portrayed by his online profile only to see shady-looking suitor in a track suit, waving his hands.

Having chosen a dating site as a way to find a potential partner, first, create a profile. Upload photos in which you look as natural as possible so as not to mislead or stir unrealistic expectations in your potential dates. Your chances of finding a decent man without pictures will be low because the decisive factor for men is visual appearance.

Show some humor and a flirtatious side to attract more suitors. Don’t forget to pay attention to those, who have indicated a clear goal of their communication, namely an interracial online dating. It’s pretty clear-cut. He knows that this night will be the only one, and you know about this.

If you are afraid of getting a pig in a poke, nightclubs would be your best option. Different nightclubs are frequented by people of certain profession or class. Say if you are looking to end up with a doctor, your friends could help you locate a joint most popular among medics.

When it comes hooking up in clubs, the most crucial factors are physical attractiveness and signs of affluence. Since the other person has no idea of who you really are as a person, they will judge you by your physical appearance, mannerism, and conversation.

This means you should dress to impress. Get a nice hairdo and flattering attire that accentuates your best features. Make sure you smell good and have mints for your breath. Remember to enjoy yourself thoroughly. People are often drawn to those who seem to be having an amazing time. Sulking at a corner will send a negative vibe that you aren’t interested in mingling.

It is certainly risky to go home with a complete stranger. The following are ground rules you should follow should you decide to go for the thrill.

#1 If you have already accepted, don’t be afraid to tell your partner about things that can help you relax. It is especially topical for women who are likely to ignore their desires.

#2 If your partner suggests something you are uncomfortable with you have every right to say No.

#3 Remain sober enough to control the situation and always use protection.

#4 Don’t exchange contacts if you don’t wish to meet them again.

#5 Text a friend your date’s home address and car number plate so they can know where to look for you in the event you go missing.

And, try to keep your adventure secret.

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