10 Lifehacks to Maintain Your Preferred Weight

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Our crazy era leaves not so many opportunities to stay healthy – we eat many foods that potentially cause harm to our bodies and gain weight without making too much effort. In fact, you don’t have to keep to diet throughout your life to stay fit. See what habits can help you to maintain your ideal shape!

Use smaller plates. Not so many people actually get to thinking about how the size of your plate impacts your appetite. The smaller it is, the bigger the portion appears so you feel like you’ve eaten more. Likewise, note what colors of kitchenware you choose – better to take calm and dark e.g. green, blue, purple, gray etc.

Don’t shop for food when hungry. If you do so, you will definitely buy more than your body actually consumes. Not to mention you will likely take some high-caloric snacks to “reduce” the hunger (though it will only increase the appetite in a few hours). Go shopping on a full stomach and choose products with the clear head!

Eat regularly. Your body needs to get food once in a few hours; ideally, you should eat 3-5 times a day. Note that intervals between each two intakes should be equal – around 3-4 hours. If you eat two-three times a day with large intervals, your body gets stressed and stocks up on fats you consume instead of giving extra energy away.

Calculate your portions. Apart from having your meals on schedule, control the size of servings for different foods each time – their proportions should be equal for all daily intakes. Thus, your stomach easily gets full and you don’t consume extra calories.

Get busy. Did you know that one of the core reasons why people overeat is that they want to kill their leisure time? And this is very, very bad. To maintain a good shape, you should eat and work systematically. Have an agenda for every day and leave no time for unnecessary eating!

Know when to eat different foods. Your metabolism is faster during the first half of a day, which means the more calories you consume during the second one, the more weight you will gain. Products that are richer in fat and sugar and those are to be eaten until the midday. For dinner, choose low-calorie meals.

Drink fresh water. According to most studies, grown humans need to drink up to 2 liters of still water a day. In fact, this norm can differ from one individual to another since we all have our specific needs. All in all, keep in mind you should get enough water to keep your ideal balance.

Plan your menu. It is surely impossible to maintain an ideal weight if you eat fast food and sweets rich in fast carbohydrates. Pay attention to what exactly you eat on a daily basis. You probably know about the food pyramid, take it into account.

Don’t put too many restrictions. I used to know people who radically changed their rations in order to lose as many lbs as possible within a maximally short period of time. I’m talking about the so-called yo-yo dieting now – please, never try it. It is not a crime to eat an extra piece of chocolate from time to time, just don’t cross the boundaries.

Move a lot. Motion is life. In comparison to humans who lived even 150 years ago, we are mind-blowingly hypo dynamic. Bring more physical activity into your life and make regular exercising one of your habits. Certainly, a workout is not something you can take irresponsibly; ask professional advice prior to trying new kinds of it.

Please note that losing weight is not a linear process. Exercising on a low-carb diet helps your body to use stored fat and protein as the main source of energy hence maintain your weight. However, you may experience fatigue, nausea and weakness since the process of converting fat to energy is much slower. It’s advisable to reduce carb intake instead of cutting them off completely.

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