8 Foreplay Tips That Will Blow Her Mind

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Men often don’t think foreplay is important since they are easily turned on, visually.  Women on the other hand need to be prepared both physically and emotional, which necessitates the need for foreplay in order to have a loving and fulfilling relationship. Below are 8 foreplay tips that will blow her mind.

#1 Don’t get stuck in one place

Just because you read somewhere that women like having their tits caressed doesn’t mean you should spend an hour doing just that. Foreplay is all about exploring each other. Try out as many things as you can. Who knows you might stumble upon unexpected erogenous zones.

#2 Don’t rush

Foreplay shouldn’t be rushed. It is not something you do during a commercial break. During such times make tea, talk to a parrot or play computer games but not the foreplay. Foreplay turns women on and heightens their sexual desire so it shouldn’t be hasten.

#3 Undress her slowly

Men mistakenly think it’s insanely romantic to tear off her clothes like they do it in the movies.  That blouse you are ripping could be her favorite. She is probably seething with anger knowing she won’t get another.  Undress her slowly relishing every moment.

Ladies are also guilty of smudging lipstick on men’s attire. It’s not cute for a guy to leave the house for an important meeting only to realize he has lipstick traces on his lips and shirt.

#4 Kiss her

Women can never get enough of kissing. As a man, you need to learn the art of kissing because women are easily turned off by sloppy kissers. Plus it is embarrassing for her to kiss you in public only for you to attempt to chew half her face.

#5 Don’t stay silent

Foreplay provides the perfect opportunity for exciting lewd talk. A nice and leisurely pace will be appropriate for conversation. Whoever said that women love with their ears was very right.

Do you know what your woman likes? Does she like the way you tickle the lobe of her ear or how you massage her toes? Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t ignore her answers. Speak softly, ask her about her wildest fantasies and compliment her.

#6 Start from far

Foreplay shouldn’t necessarily take place in intimate surroundings like the bedroom. You can do it anytime and anywhere.  It could be over the phone, during a walk in the park, at a party or even in a car and continue to gain momentum until you get home.

#7 Don’t pretend

It is much more difficult to imitate interest to the foreplay than to sex. Foreplay involves prolonged close contact with another person and if you’re not ready for such contact then you shouldn’t initiate foreplay. If the lady realizes you are so bored that you are constantly checking your emails during foreplay she will completely switch off her mind that is if she doesn’t raise a ruckus. If you don’t like something speak up.

#8 Check whether she is ready

The main purpose of foreplay is to turn on both of you. Determine whether she is ready before moving on to the next step. If not, continue kissing and petting her or use a lubricant.

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