5 Ways To Keep The Spark Alive In A Longterm Relationship

how to keep the spark alive

The longer a couple stays together the less sexually active they become. Intimacy often dwindles soon after the honeymoon phase is over. If you interact with recently separated couples you are likely to find out physical intimacy had been missing for a while. This is because sex plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy relationship. It has the power to create a stronger bond and mend a myriad of emotional problems that plague most relationships. Thanks to AfroRomance we have compiled the following list of 5 tips on how to keep the spark alive in a longterm relationship.

 #1 Open communication.

Open communication is the most important factor in keeping the spark alive. Two adults who were born and raised apart require constant and open communication if they are to live together in harmony. Open communication not only nips in the bud potential relationship problems but also builds intimacy and nurtures trust. However, communication needs to be two-way. The deeper the topic, the more comfortable you get. The more comfortable you get with each other, the more intimate your relationship gets.

#2 Know your partner’s Innermost Desires

You have expectations when it comes to sex and so does your partner. Couples who do not talk about their sexual desires frequently end up with unmet expectations, which can be frustrating.

Reveal to your partner what satisfies you. Do not be shy or subtle about it. By learning about your partner’s innermost desires you will be able to satisfy them thereby meet their expectations.

#3 Set a Day or Time

Most couples with busy schedules, full-time jobs or kids hardly prioritize getting intimate. This creates the need to set up a day or time meant specifically for the two of you. The day allows you to spend quality time with your partner devoid of any distractions.  Once you set a day or time be committed to it. Never cancel or delay it. If for some inevitable reason you have to cancel, be sure to reschedule it at the nearest time possible to avoid.

#4 Appreciate your partner

Sharing your deepest thoughts with your partner is not enough. Physical intimacy is also not enough. Words of appreciation play act as a lubricant in the relationship. It is not always about what you do in the bedroom. It also involves the things you do outside. Appreciate your partner whenever you can. Remind them of how much you love and care for them.

#5 All hands on Deck

It is not the sole responsibility of a man or woman to keep the spark alive in a longterm relationship. It is all hands on deck.  Both of you must be actively involved.  In a relationship, everything needs to be mutual. You have to mutually appreciate each other, mutually understand each other and have mutual sexual satisfaction. A relationship is a give-and-take thing. Both should know how to accept the other’s wishes and even make a compromise. This is not only important during sex but also in other aspects of the relationship.

With these simple ways, you can strengthen your sexual relationship with your partner. Time also plays a major role in a relationship so give time to your partner. No matter how busy you are, remember to always make room for their needs.



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    Ambrose Omondi

    A relationship is a give- take thing. The partners should feel free complementing each other any time. You had accepted each other from day but why now give much attention to the flaws? Your partner has several strengths and complementing such is just a plus to the relationship .

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