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Mark Maish

markmaish.com is an award-winning lifestyle blog authored by Mark Maish who is a graduate civil engineer, budding entrepreneur, TV & radio producer.

This blog highlights the life of a typical Kenyan millennial as he tries to find his footing in his career, relationships, and entrepreneurship journey.
Topics heavily covered by this top Kenyan blog include entrepreneurship, dating & relationships, the middle-class nightmare, quarter-life crisis, the broke billionaire, Nairobi’s nightlife, overcoming failure & secrets to running a successful blog.
markmaish.com was crowned the Best Creative Writing Blog in BAKE Awards 2017.

Email: Markmaina76@gmail.com 

Check out more on Linkedin: https://ke.linkedin.com/in/mark-maish



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  1. 8
    Kevin Adipo

    Good brains out there, With good morals, to help and bring into life….Thanks for your writings…they are so inspiring.

  2. 9

    I love to read articles by fellow writing enthusiasts. I stumbled upon your blog and thought reading one article won’t kill. Trust me, I have read almost every article in here. Keep up the good work.

  3. 12
    Lucky Munene Mururu

    Just came across this, and am proud of you Mark. Seven years ago I would sit to listen your advice but now your passion for narrating and passing wisdom is tangible. Great writing, when you are ready to publish please let me know in advance, I will pre-order.

  4. 16
    Burton Ngatia

    your blog is amazing,your writing inspirational and on point. started with an article and i have read almost all. always loking forward to the next. keep it up.

  5. 25
    Deno Limo

    Big up Mike.
    nice description. you and i have something in common. changing mindset, imparting financial knowledge to people.

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