10 Rules Every Graduate Should Live By

10 Rules Every Kenyan Graduate Should Live By

Growing up in a typical Kenyan family, every adult remotely related to you sells you the same dream. Study hard in school, get good grades, pursue a prestigious course and you are guaranteed of success in life. Come graduation, your entire family attends the ceremony.

Once the celebrations are over reality rears its ugly head. The entire vibe about education being the key to success turns out to be a big fat lie. The world doesn’t care how great your grades are. Titles accrued from your fancy papers mean nothing. You have to fight for limited opportunities with thousands of other graduates with similar qualifications; some even have master’s degrees and additional certifications when you have none.

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My eyes were white, my face glowing and skin so smooth. There was a twinkle in my eyes and a spring in my gait. I was a pretty freshman girl with the whole world before me.  I had just landed a role on MTV Base Shuga 2 TV series, was modeling for Strut It Africa and was running a growing show on campus radio. My life was perfect.I think a lot of people were jealous of me. Who wouldn’t be? I was talented, smart and one of the hottest girls on campus, and on top of that I was making my own money.


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 “…give power to read and to do all that appertains to these degrees” before the Vice-Chancellor finished the statement, the congregation of 2015 graduands jumped into a frenzy tossing caps into the air. Jubilation filled the Grad Square, hugs and kisses were exchanged munificently. This was the moment we had been waiting for. The culmination of the four or five strenuous years spent on campus.

The graduation ceremony was over. My classmates and friends walked out of the square, faces beaming with joy as they captured every moment on their smartphones. From the look of things I was the only one of the 4000 plus graduates who wasn’t excited to be graduating even though I finished 2nd best in my class.


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College is easily the most amazing part of a person’s academic life. It is during this period you get to have the government or your family bankrolling you for a 4-year long party with the hope you will acquire the necessary skills to get a job soon after completing. Now imagine studying in a totally different country without anyone to dictate what you should or not do, isn’t that cool?




The salient beauty you’ve been chasing from the beginning of semester finally starts responding positively to your advances. You entrap her with your alluring charm and in no time she agrees to be your girlfriend. Two weeks down the line you realize that there still many other suitors after her. You are now probably wondering whether you can handle the stiff competition. Following are 6 tips on how to successfully date an extremely beautiful lady on campus.


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In less than a decade the number of institutions of higher learning in Kenya has increased from 7 public and fewer private varsities to the current 22 public universities, 14 chartered private universities and 12 others with Letter of Interim Authority. We need to ask ourselves, if all the renowned colleges offering certificates and diplomas are upgraded to university level where do those who miss the cut-off points go to? Is the quality of education offered in the new institutions similar to that in the already established? Is university education really worth it?



Earlier today I attended an entrepreneurship conference on campus. I noted a great disparity between how the ladies and guys spoke. While ladies spoke with such eloquence that you would be forgiven for mistaking them for native speakers most of the guys could hardly express themselves. This prompted me to compile the following list on 5 ways of improving one’s spoken English.