Devious Campus Lass

On several occasions, I have been accused of being snobbish, indifferent and unenthusiastic especially when it comes to pursuing romantic relations with ladies who seems perfect. Is this true? Maybe. Now before you berate me for my shortcomings it is only fair I tell you how it all began, right? This is my story.


The sound of waves breaking on the beach, the rustling of palm leaves and crickets merge harmoniously into some sort of wild symphony. She is standing next to you, leaning on the wooden balcony railing.  A light on the neighbor’s porch gives the complete contour of her body in silhouette.

The bedside clock reads 12:23 AM.  You are at her place. Stark naked. Allowing the salty sea breeze to cool off your body after a steamy session.


I am sitting on the edge of a balcony with both feet dangling out into the darkness. Eyes fixated on the smartphone screen. Waiting for a text that will determine whether I will jump to the asphalt pavement six floors below or crawl back to bed next to the sleeping beauty. Restless. My stomach is churning. The artery on my right temple is throbbing furiously. None of the Yoga relaxation tactics I have tried are working.


Her overpowering fragrance has a hypnotic effect on you. She rests her head on your shoulder as her long polished nails make patterns on your thigh heightening the sexual tension. The heat emanating from her body, melodious voice and the sight of her long sexy legs scramble your thinking. The chemistry between you two is palpable. Disapproving looks from fellow passengers have utterly no effect on you. She sits up.

“Have you made up your mind about tonight?” She asks.

The Man in a Blue Suit

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Today happens to be a Friday and the entire city is alive , lots of people milling about on the streets making plans for the night, however, you are in town for a different mission. A mission so sensitive and risky that the probability of the whole operation going south is close to one. How did I get here?


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Having a place of your own is one of the greatest things any young man can have. You can walk around the house ‘commando’, put your feet on the coffee table or leave the toilet seat up without anyone raising a ruckus. However, there is a downside to having a bachelor’s pad. See, most men on this part of the continent have been accused of being irresponsible and a horde of other nasty things. Therefore, when a typical lady visits a brother’s place and finds it tastefully furnished and well maintained, she plots of a coup d’etat.

It all begins with her leaving a panty in the bathroom, next is a toothbrush, a pair of shoes and before your realize it, three-quarters of your wardrobe is full of her stuff. You will be forced to factor her in all your plans. What such ladies fail to understand is that, sometimes a man needs time alone to strategize on his life.



It’s Friday evening, traffic out of the city is heavy. You pray that the widespread cumulonimbus clouds hold on until you reach your destination. You just got back from a week-long workshop in Kisumu. You long for two things, your bed and having the woman you love most in your arms.  After maneuvering through the chaotic traffic, you get home only to find your lady preparing Ugali, chicken, and managu, your favorite dish.


Arguing with a woman, especially one you are in love with is outright ugly and dirty just like the trench warfare. Largely because women are innately wired with an uncanny ability to win arguments. Anything you say in defense can and will be used against you. Logic and facts have no place in emotion-charged arguments. The following are 7 tips on how to argue with a woman and actually win.

8 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Valentines Gift

February the month of love is, without a doubt, the toughest time for every human being with a Y-chromosome in their gene. The pressure to impress your lady especially on valentines is immense forcing we men to sought advice from our female friends on what to get our partner.

Come 14th of February, your girl expects you to give her surprise treat and a well-thought gift. This is easier said than done hence a number of despicable men will feign kidnapping only to reappear a day after valentines with a sordid story of their ordeal. The following are 8 tips on choosing the perfect gift for the lady you love most based on her personality.


Are you a young man with a decent education, an enviable income, and good genes? Have you identified a lady you would like to settle down with? Well just before you put a ring on it, take a step back, and momentarily forget how you feel about her. Is she really the kind of person you would like to spend the rest of your life with? Women are gifted schemers. Once a lady identifies you as a potential hubby, she will go to any length to fit into your description of Miss Right. The following are 6 signs she is too ratchet and toxic for you.

Women are gifted schemers. Once a lady identifies you as a potential hubby, she will go to any length to fit into your description of Miss Right. The following are 6 signs she is too ratchet and toxic for you.