On Thursday night, I went for the Captain Africa Contest and premiere of the Captain America: The winter soldier, a 3-D movie at IMAX. While the other contestants were asked to talk about their ambitions and what they would do if they won the title this particular judge only asked me the number of buttons my pea coat had.Since I didn’t know how many they were (later found out that they are 12 buttons) I was deemed unfit for the title. Dejected, I left the theater at 3am and walked to Ronald Ngala Street to catch a Matatu back to campus.

7 Amazing yet Cheap Date Ideas


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The day is finally here. The day every man wishes it is wiped off the calendar and women long to be treated as queens. But if you are like most guys, you push problems at the back of your mind until the D-Day. So you now have a few hours to come up with something creative and romantic but you are on a tight budget. And if you think she is not expecting anything, think again. Here are 7 amazing yet affordable date ideas around Nairobi.