10 Things You Should Know About Joe Chuma

Joe Chuma Kiss Condoms Kenya

Attempting to demystify Joe Chuma is akin to licking your elbow. He is the ultimate gentleman, heated in a furnace of courage, hammered by intellect, cooled in a pool of suaveness, encrusted in courage and polished by wit. Joe Chuma is the standard measurement of masculinity, whose exploits feel like a Marvel movie, I bet superman is envious of the man.

Due to public demand, I have complied the following list of things you should know about Joe Chuma;

#OneOnOne Joe Chuma the Flamboyant Kenyan Candidate

Joe Chuma for president

Who the hell is Joe Chuma? Why is his face on billboards all over the city and exploits told on radio and social media? What makes him phenomenal?

This is a one-on-one interview seeking to demystify Joe Chuma, the man who knows Victoria’s secret, and is a strong advocate of ‘letting your woman come first,’A man who has taken over the country by storm promising to make Kenyan politics sexy again. Read to find out why you should vote for Joe Chuma as your next president.