Mark Maish Wins Top Kenyan Blog Award

Mark Maish wins Kenyan Blogger Awards 2017

A few months ago, I met a top & highly-experienced African media personality I used to look up to. He said to me.

“Mark, your writing is pathetic, unprofessional & pedestrian.”

He went ahead to rubbish my art & poke holes into everything around the blog. Being the kind of person who puts all his heart into everything he does, I was discouraged and terribly hurt.

The Power of Written Goals

Mark Maish

Six months ago I went to this store in town looking for an item that I needed to take my blogging a notch higher. I was flat out broke, so I simply admired the said item, noting down the features, accessories plus costs in my red notebook.

On discovering that I wasn’t going to make a purchase that day, the shop owner got so pissed that he took it back asking me not to waste his precious time. He asked me to only go back when I had enough money to buy it.

Dealing With Rejection

Mark Maish TV Panelist

When I began writing almost four years ago, I kept it a secret. I was afraid of what people would think of me. I was scared that there are lots of writers who were way better than I was. I was petrified at the thought that no one would bother to read and if they did they would laugh at me. See, in my KCSE I scored a B- in English.



The dial on your watch reads 2.01pm. Damn! You curse loudly. It’s one of those boring Saturdays. The last couple of weeks have been intense at work to the point you hardly went out. You get off the bed and walk towards your living room, something in the bathroom catches your eye. You retrace your steps only to find that it was just your reflection in the mirror. The image on the mirror looks like the knock-off version of you. Your waistline is bulging and your hair looks like a shrub. This reminds you of one of the New Year resolutions in which you intended to hit the gym five times week yet can’t recall the last time you visited one.