Photo courtesy: adventure254dotcom
Photo courtesy: adventure254dotcom

Its 3 am, your eyes are closed but your mind is working overdrive. Not even your nymphomaniac neighbor’s loud moaning can disrupt you train of thought. Earlier in the day, you received a call from a lady with a trace of British accent inviting you for a job interview the next day. For a moment you thought she was a con but when you checked your email and saw an invitation for the same, you felt happier than you have had in a long time.

A year after clearing campus, you haven’t landed a job. Your unemployment status has not been due to lack of initiative. You have applied for literally all jobs even those remotely related to what you pursued in college. Over hundred job applications sent yet only two firms invited you for an interview.  The first job interview was a sham, from how the officials conducted themselves it was clear they had already picked their preferred candidates before the process began.

Tom Kirkwood, CEO Africa Insight Ltd and Westgate Mall Attack Hero


Tom Kirkwood CEO Africa InSight Comms
Tom Kirkwood CEO Africa InSight Comms


After publishing the Kenya’s Middle Class nightmare article I received lots of emails from people across the world telling me how they were in a similar situation. A good number asked me to write about how one can avoid living an average life. As a result, I went out to meet Tom Kirkwood at Africa Insight Ltd headquarters along State House road, Nairobi seeking to learn how one can pursue their passion and be successful. Following is what he had to say

Who is Tom kirkwood?

Tom is a person who for the longest time was a wannabe entrepreneur, stuck in a multinational where intrapreneurs were not encouraged to bring new ideas or new business possibilities to the company’s attention. A person who was too often recording life and not living it. That has all changed after quitting my well-paying job at Reuters and starting Africa Insight Ltd.


Three years ago , I withdrew all my savings and borrowed more to finance a business idea. The venture involved importing refurbished Tablet-PCs from U.S and reselling them across the country. Based on my projections I was bound to make obscene profits and quit college in a year to concentrate on the business.

Unfortunately this never happened. The costs involved in importing the first batch were very high, made worse by the fact that two days after receiving my shipment Safaricom rolled out their batch of Tablet-PCs which were cheaper and superior. I didn’t manage to sell even a single gadget. My entrepreneurial aspirations were bashed. I lost all my money and had to toil hard to pay off the debts.



I’m seated on a wooden bench under a makuti shed located at a vantage point deep in the heart of a national reserve watching a herd of elephants grazing peaceful below, oblivious of the chaotic world out there. A fortnight ago I handed in my final year project which marked the end of a 5-year pursuit for my Undergrads. Faced with the biggest dilemma of my life, I traveled down to this remote camping site in south coast to strategize on my next step. The decision I’m about to make is to either take the job offered or turn it down and instead follow my passion which happens to be unconventional.



Are you extremely beautiful, wealthy, highly talented or ambitious? Do you ever feel like people hate and try to pull you down? Well, you are not far from the truth. Normally, people secretly hate those who seem better than them in all spheres of life. This explains why when a celebrity or Politician errors the rest of the population take it upon themselves to chastise and discredit them on social media.

As an outstanding individual it’s imperative that you come up with a strategy to overcome the curse afflicting trailer blazers. The following are 6 rules every exceptional individual should live by especially at the work place to ensure their survival.

7 Tips On Moving Out Of Your Parents House

Maish House

If you are just about to clear campus or take a job in a different city, one of your greatest concerns must be how you will survive out of your parent’s home. Having moved out of the nest four months ago I can tell you for sure that it’s not a walk in the park but unless you want to hit 30 while still living with your mom you cannot avoid it. In retrospect, the benefits of having your own place outweigh the cons by a great margin. The following is a list 7 important guiding tips on moving out which will go a long way in easing the transition process.


img-20141104-wa0005 (1)

College is easily the most amazing part of a person’s academic life. It is during this period you get to have the government or your family bankrolling you for a 4-year long party with the hope you will acquire the necessary skills to get a job soon after completing. Now imagine studying in a totally different country without anyone to dictate what you should or not do, isn’t that cool?


Mr. Trushar Khetia founder & CEO Tria Group
Mr. Trushar Khetia founder & CEO Tria Group

I finally met Mr. Trushar Khetia at his office on the 5th floor of Reliable Towers located in Westlands, Nairobi. This was after an unsuccessful attempt to book him for an appointment the day before. I got a chance to interact with his employees before we began the interview. They all spoke highly of Trushar, citing how charismatic and open-minded he is.  He arrived a few minutes9 amter 9am, attended to a client before ushering me into the boardroom for this interview.



Gone are the days when investors and employers would enlist your services just because you had great papers.  Any shrewd investor or employer looking to recruit a person into their business will first do a background check on them. The first avenue upon which the check is carried out is on Google search. Therefore there is a need to create a personal brand with an online presence. Your personal brand should clearly display who you are and what you want to be known for. The following are 5 secrets to creating an outstanding online personal brand.


Mr. Charles Njiru

Earlier today, I met Mr. Charles Njiru a.k.a. Mkombozi, a multi-millionaire industrialist based in Mwea, Kenya. Mr. Njiru owns the largest privately owned rice processing factory in Africa, Nice Rice Millers, valued at Ksh. 300 million. He also owns a supermarket in Embu and has vast interests in the hotel, transport and agrochemicals sectors.

He was awarded state commendation in 2011 by the former president, Mwai Kibaki, for his massive contribution in uplifting the living standards of rice farmers in the expansive Mwea irrigation scheme. When I inquired about the secret behind acquiring such wealth, he shared with me the 8 secrets to becoming a multi-millionaire.