My Life as the Most Hated Kenyan

Mark Maish

February 13th, 2008, a stocky man walks into the room full of bleary students for evening classes in a high school located on the slopes of Taita Hills. The man goes by the name Samuel, the most revered boarding master and business teacher in the entire province.  It’s claimed that he knew all the business principles by heart that the only reason he carried the voluminous books to class was to confirm whether indeed the authors got them right.

Samuel loved his short-sleeved shirts, baggy trousers, and shoes with huge soles perhaps to appear taller. He set down books on the table and looked into the crowd particularly at one young boy with huge ears seating right at the center of the room.


Photo courtesy: adventure254dotcom
Photo courtesy: adventure254dotcom

Its 3 am, your eyes are closed but your mind is working overdrive. Not even your nymphomaniac neighbor’s loud moaning can disrupt you train of thought. Earlier in the day, you received a call from a lady with a trace of British accent inviting you for a job interview the next day. For a moment you thought she was a con but when you checked your email and saw an invitation for the same, you felt happier than you have had in a long time.

A year after clearing campus, you haven’t landed a job. Your unemployment status has not been due to lack of initiative. You have applied for literally all jobs even those remotely related to what you pursued in college. Over hundred job applications sent yet only two firms invited you for an interview.  The first job interview was a sham, from how the officials conducted themselves it was clear they had already picked their preferred candidates before the process began.


In Nation FM studios
In Nation FM studios

How many here are working in a field they didn’t pursue in college? Hands up please! One, two, three…there is clearly a huge number. I am no different. It’s been three months since I graduated yet I haven’t picked my certificate or transcripts from my alma mater.

My father is disappointed, my mother is sad, my relatives are worried, while my engineering mentors and supervisors are confused by my decision. “Why did you waste 5 years in college only to switch careers?” “ Why would you move away from a safe career in engineering to the media industry , which is unpredictable? The last concern is genuine, I might be out of my job by the time you are reading this, that’s how unpredictable my chosen career path is, and strange enough that doesn’t scare me.



“Our march to freedom has been long and difficult. There have been times of despair when only the burning conviction of the rightness of our cause has sustained us. Today the tragedies and misunderstandings of the past are behind us. Today, we start on the great adventure of building the Kenyan nation.” This is part of the speech the first president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta gave on 12th December 1963 midnight marking the end of the colonial rule and beginning of my beloved country Kenya. The following are 5 reasons to why I’m proud to be Kenyan!


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They say the only difference between boys and men is the size and price of their toys. Are you a young man either in campus or on your first job with relatively weak financial muscles? Would you like to stand out of the crowd? I have great news for you. You do not have to break the bank in order to join the men’s club. The following are 8 accessories every man should have!

7 Things You Should Never Reveal On The First Date

Couple enjoying dinner --- Image by © JLP/Jose L. Pelaez/Corbis
Image courtesy of JLP/Jose L. Pelaez/Corbis

Finally, the guy you have a crush on asks you out for a date. He takes you to a nice restaurant. Like a true gentleman, he opens the door for you, pulls the seat and even walks you home. A week passes by and the guy hasn’t called to check on you, leaving you wondering what you could have possibly done to put him off. The following are 7 things you should never reveal on the first date.