Our women adamantly complain about the lack of seriousness men portray when it comes to taking them out on dates. Listening to such rants one may be inclined to believe that the problem lies entirely with men, a total fallacy if you ask me.

The next time a guy asks you out only to take you to a shady bar don’t be quick to admonish him. Sit back and reflect on how you acted during the previous date. Chances are that you are so annoying that the only way he can sit through the date is when he has his beer goggles on. The following are the 5 most annoying types of women.

1)     The pompous superwoman

The modern woman has successfully metamorphosed from her timid predecessors whose main role was bearing kids and taking care of their husbands to becoming the bread winners. If there is anything a man can do, the new age woman can too, if not better.The unwritten rule is that a man must foot the bill on the first date to show he is capable of providing for his future family, you can decide to go Dutch on subsequent dates but never the first. The superwoman not only insists on picking the tab she also offers to pay your cab fare back home.

I have nothing against independent ladies if anything I find them to be quite irresistible. However, there is no need to blast a guy with your long list of accomplishments. We are amazed by how you graduated top of your class, got promoted to management before turning 25 and have been to a dozen countries we’ve only read about. Please don’t rub this in our face as it only makes us feel emasculated. Such women completely vanquish a man’s ego and erode his sense of self-worth.

2)    The social media queen

Apparently, having 10,000+ followers on twitter, a well-endowed derrière and regularly posting nudes makes one a socialite in this part of the world. This coveted occupation requires one to maintain very high standards, inflate the buying price of their accessories and constantly keep the world abreast on the ongoings of their magazine life.When dinner is served, a typical guy would immediately dive into the meal with uttermost speed. Just before you pick the juiciest ribs she goes like

When dinner is served, a typical guy would immediately dive into the meal with uttermost speed. Just before you pick the juiciest ribs she goes like “Mark! Wait!”For a moment you think she is about to ask you to say The Grace only to have her whip out a phone and snap pictures of the food and wine from all angles. Worst of all, she asks the waiter to capture you both holding the forks and knives, the pictures are then hurriedly uploaded on Instagram“My boo and I having dinner at #fancyjoint”

We would gladly take pictures holding a samurai sword like some bad ass but not a dinner knife and smiling broadly before a mouth watering dish as it makes us look stupid before our boys.

3)    The fashion cop

The fashion cop will pick a spot with a vantage view of the entire restaurant dinning area. Whenever a better looking or well dressed lady walks in she will find something awful about her sense of fashion. “Ebu look at that lady, she must borrowed those pants from her little sister…seriously how do you dye your her hair blond when you are that dark?…just see how she is strutting around with confidence yet how she is so ugly

Dear fashion cops, pointing out other ladies fashion faux pas will not elevate your standing before our eyes. If anything we might realize they are a lot more appealing than you and wish you would leave so we can hit on them.

4)    The loquacious lady

Do you like my new hairstyle? Do I look good in orange? Are you ashamed of holding my hand in public? Do you find that girl attractive? I’m I talking too much? This kind of lady asks endless questions without giving the poor guy a chance to answer back. You don’t have to prod the guy to compliment your looks, let him do that at his own time. Constantly seeking approval and turning the conversation into a monologue sends red flags that you have deep underlying psychological issues. What happened to women using their uncanny ability to have guys do their bidding without asking directly?

5)    The Show off

Everything about her attire is aimed at making a statement, there is even an inspiration to the kind of handkerchief she carries. She only dons accessories from particular designers, shops and only hangs out in certain places. A show off only associates with people within her perceived class, anyone short of that isn’t worth a minute of her time.

From afar, she may appear full of confidence but beneath that unruffled exterior lies an insecure lady who is desperately trying to impress anyone and everyone. She is easily the most annoying kind to take out on a date.

So you drive a Japanese car? Most of my friends own rides that make yours look like a metal box on wheels. You listen to soul music? Dude, that’s so 1950’s. What’s your favorite meal? Yuck! That tastes like ash!That’s your favorite Movie? C’mon, how can anyone sit through such a boring movie? Nothing you like is good enough for her.

We all come from different backgrounds and have different personalities so just because someone has different tastes don’t necessarily mean they are decrepit.

What’s the most annoying date you’ve ever had?

Written by Mark Maish


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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a superwoman! If being with an accomplished chiq makes you feel inadequate then you are clearly dating above your caliber!

    • 2
      Mark Maina

      I didn’t say accomplished women are annoying! Being the aggressive kind of guy I prefer dating superwomen to their less industrious counterparts. what I call for is modesty.
      Pompous individuals from both genders are vexatious to say the least!

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