For the past few months, a sizeable number of readers have lambasted my articles, especially on bad boys claiming I have been encouraging men to be jerks. Contrary to popular public opinion, bad boys are not the kind of men who are physically or emotionally abusive to women. Such men are perverts who should be castrated and exiled to Jupiter. Bad boys are men who are fully cognizant of their nature-given advantages and use them to achieve meaningful success in both their careers and women. The following are top 10 rules all bad boys should live by.

Bad boys are men who are fully cognizant of their nature-given advantages and use them to achieve meaningful success in both their careers and women. The following are top 10 rules all bad boys should live by.

1) A bad boy shall love himself more than anything else in the world

A bad boy is driven by self-interest. Whenever someone pitches an idea to a bad boy, the first thing he asks himself is, what do I gain from all this? Unlike the average guy who is mostly interested in helping everyone around, a bad boy greatly values his time hence every move he makes is geared towards personal gain.

Never love another person more than you love yourself. True happiness comes from achievement, not from people or material things. Therefore, it’s unwise to make any woman the main source of your happiness unless you are a masochist. For every coin, you spend on a woman ensure you spend twice the amount on yourself!

2) No woman is out of your league

The average guy constantly frets about approaching ladies who seem extremely beautiful, intelligent or moneyed. In their minds, they think the ladies ‘don’t need a man’ and probably have a long queue of potential suitors. A bad boy clearly knows that every woman wants a man who is unpredictable, a mystery and brings excitement to every sphere of her life.

He brazenly goes after every lady who tickles his fancy with the knowledge that no woman is out of his league. Never approach women from a point of weakness as they have an uncanny ability to smell desperation and neediness miles away, instead use a winning strategy.

The winning strategy involves changing the rules of the game so that she feels obligated to impress you not the other way round. Play immune to her charm. If every other guy around is trying so hard to woo her, deliberately ignore her. When you get a chance to talk, act frivolously. Refrain from boasting about what you own or the people you know instead let her know you as a person. If there is a high chance of you bumping into her again, don’t be too fast to ask for her digits, end the conversation with something like, ‘see you around!

Make her spend sleepless nights wondering why she just can’t enchant you with her beauty like all the other guys or if you are way out of her league.

3) Nobody owes you anything

When negotiating a deal a nice guy would reveal his life’s misfortunes to a potential investor seeking to win based on sympathy. A bad boy will try to clinch the deal by revealing to the investor what (s)he stands to gain by awarding him the contract.  A bad boy clearly knows nobody in the world owes him anything hence works his ass off to get whatever he wants in life. He doesn’t expect favors. Assertiveness, working smart and eloquence is bad boy’s favorite weapons.

If someone slaps you don’t turn the other cheek, hit them back with closed fists. Rarely will people hand over things to you on a silver platter so grab every opportunity coming your way.

4) A bad boy shall never be a victim

Nice guys constantly complain about how unfair the world is and wish it would be perfect so everyone would get what they truly deserve. Bad boys know that the world is a tough place to live in so they make a conscious decision to always be a perpetrator and never a victim! When you fail at something don’t sit down and start blaming other people for your misfortunes. Take responsibility, re-strategize then dive right back into the game. If your competitors use uncouth methods to win, consider using skullduggery to beat them too.

Success and women will always follow those who win while the self-proclaimed nice guys are plagued with whining, disappointment, and loneliness. Stop wishing for a perfect world and instead work with what you have to win. That said, I don’t think the infamous Pastor Kanyari is a monster, I believe he is a crafty businessman who discovered a way of bottling hope and realizing a great profit from it.

5) A bad boy shall always stand out in a crowd

Where else nice guys are careful not to over-dress, bad boys know the importance of looking good hence ensure they are always at their best. There is a clear distinction between ostentatious dressing and looking sharp. Being smartly dressed means you are in good quality fabric that perfectly fits your body while giving you a mature look. On the other hand, flashy dressing involves putting on screaming at colors, accessories, and trends that may be current but are out of sync with your body or personality.

80% of confidence is expressed by how you dress, walk, talk and interact with other people. Work on your signature look that can easily help you stand out in a crowd. Let your style of dressing, walking, talking and even working be different from everyone else. In summary, bad boys don’t walk with common spirits!


6) A bad boy shall break all rules except his own

Good guys are nurtured to live within society’s expectations while bad boys shatter these perceptions and set their own. Most bad boys are entrepreneurs because being in formal employment cages one into a glass box where the boss dictates almost everything one does.

Pretty women are used to having guys bid to their willing. If she claims to be attracted to men with cleanly shaved heads, a nice guy would trim down his hair without second thoughts, unlike a bad guy who knows better than to change his life or style to please a woman. To make a lasting impression to any woman, break all rules she dictates to you, make her do things she has never done before (and against her principles) and act totally opposite of how she expects you to.

7) Shall never fight over a woman

Ask any guy who is yet to get over their Ex-girlfriend 6 months after breaking up and they will feed you with crap about how the lady is his true love— soul-mate— hence he must inexorably fight for her. That’s pure crap. If indeed she is ‘the one’, then she should have the courtesy of treating you with dignity and meeting you half-way towards solving your differences otherwise she is not worth another minute of your life. Never get into a fist fight with another man over some lady. The only reward for such a foolish act is a deformed dental formula, broken ribs and a couple of stitches.

When you realize there is another guy who interests your girl more than you do the best thing to do is walk away. If she likes you more than the other guy then never talk or even ask her about him. The horrible truth about women is that when she likes another guy she will sleep with him if she wants to regardless of having a boyfriend or husband and there is nothing you can do about it.

8) Thou shall never be judgmental, kiss & tell.

As a bad boy, you are bound to meet all kinds of ladies. The last decade has witnessed an increase in numbers of sexually liberal women. It’s no longer shocking to have a lass walk up to you and say, “hey dude! I have a boyfriend whom I love so much and plan to have a future with though he is kinda boring. Nevertheless, I’m strongly attracted to you, would you mind if we have a casual fling?” Stop looking surprised! Ask any bad boy and they will tell you how frequent that happens.

Should a lady gather enough courage and propose to have sex without attachments don’t screw it up by being judgmental, taking a high moral ground or wondering how many guys she has asked before. Just give her what she wants. Such ladies like having their clandestine affairs kept under the wraps so should you encounter one don’t kiss and tell. In the event you meet her with her main guy, don’t make a scene, Just wink or smile and walk away!

9) Shall always speak his mind out!

A bad boy knows the effects words have on women. He knows what to say and how to say it. This doesn’t mean you act all polished around a lady you fancy, in fact, the opposite works better. Say exactly what’s on your mind even when it sounds a quite offensive. If you find her cleavage enticing, tease her about it,“ Girl, did you put on that blouse purposely to divert my attention from your face to your awesome boobs?”  Let her know how you feel about her. In the event, she pisses you off don’t keep quiet about it.

The easiest way of warming your way into her heart is by being playful and teasing her about things she is evidently endowed at. For example, if she naturally has a voluptuous derrière you can cheekily accuse her of putting on sponged-lined panties! Moderation is necessary so that she doesn’t end up thinking of you as a harmless comic who is more interested in making her laugh than getting into her pants.

Women love drama so make sure you give her something to gossip with her friends about. Sometimes deliberately annoy her to the point she walks away then exaggerate the makeup. Quench her thirst for unnecessary drama involved in falling in and out love.

10) A bad boy shall never be tamed

The greatest fear for any bad boy is falling in love. This is because love is a nasty drug that can make you do things that leave a bitter taste in the mouth and gives someone else the power to hurt you. Try your best not to fall in love, worst of all with a lady who isn’t mutually attracted to you. For whatever reason never lose your bad boy edge otherwise she will wake up one morning and realize you are no longer the same guy she was first attracted to.

Graduating from college and settling into an 8 to 5 job has a way of taming even the wildest of men, therefore, keep a few friends who will point it out when you turn into a nice guy.

One more thing, a bad boy never takes advantage of an intoxicated woman. Never encourage a woman to imbibe more alcohol than she can handle in order to sexually violate her. It is totally immoral, illegal and hardly any different from necrophilia. Since bad boys have big egos, they derive pleasure in having consensual sex and not through shady means!

Written By Mark Maish


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