The dial on your watch reads 2.01pm. Damn! You curse loudly. It’s one of those boring Saturdays. The last couple of weeks have been intense at work to the point you hardly went out. You get off the bed and walk towards your living room, something in the bathroom catches your eye. You retrace your steps only to find that it was just your reflection in the mirror. The image on the mirror looks like the knock-off version of you. Your waistline is bulging and your hair looks like a shrub. This reminds you of one of the New Year resolutions in which you intended to hit the gym five times week yet can’t recall the last time you visited one.

Your apartment looks like a dumpsite. Old magazines strewed all over the coffee table, a sink full of dirty dishes and clothes heaped floor, I need a woman to take care of me. Your phone roars to life, disrupting your chain of thought. After frantically searching for the gadget you finally find it in one of your shoes, how did it get here?

The screen reads, Jaymo calling. Jaymo is the guy who can hook you up with anything, from a piece of land in Kitengela to Ethiopian grade marijuana. He is also the guy who knows of every hip party going down in the city.

“Niaje  Jaymo?”

“I’m good. Where are you?”

“I’m at my place, stiff bored. Any plans?”

“Yeah! Come to town. There is this event starting at 4 pm… It’s a magazine launch. I’m sure you will like it”

“Will there be pretty ladies?”

“ hahaha…more than you can count”

“Cool. I’ll be there”

“See you then”

It may not be what you wanted but hey free drinks and mingling with lovely ladies is way better than spending the entire weekend indoors. Injected with a new lease of life you quickly trim your beard, shower then don khaki pants, matching moccasins, a t-shirt and a trendy jacket before leaving for town.

The launch is in one of those pricey hotels on the upper-side of Moi Avenue. The venue is three-quarters full. People are huddled together in small groups chatting animatedly. Judging from how everyone is dressed you can tell it’s going to be an awesome event. Furthest from the entrance is Jaymo engrossed in a discussion with about five other roisterers. You flounce towards them deliberately slow, one eyebrow crooked and a sly smile just like some badass in the movies moments before a car blows up in the background.

Halfway across the ballroom, you notice her. At first, it was her blood red dress that drew your attention her way. Sporting 5-inch stilettos she dwarfs her companions, how do ladies manage to balance their weight on such needle-like heels? You are amazed by how the red dress hugs her like a second skin emphasizing her tiny waist and voluptuous hips. Slightly higher is her cleavage peeping modestly, driving your imagination into a frenzy. On checking her face you find her staring back, your eyes lock. For a fleeting moment, you look away perchance embarrassed she caught you checking out her goodies.



To hell! You move back your gaze only to find her still looking back at you. Her glance feels like a laser beam piercing into your soul and illuminating your most guarded secrets. Her face is blank, devoid of any discernible expression. Does she think I’m a creep or is she sending to me the E? Being an optimist you convince yourself it’s the latter.

Her luscious red lips moue. Damn! She is so beautiful. Your heart races, you can feel this intense attraction, something you haven’t felt in a while. Is this love at first sight?

Bang! You walk right into a table sending drinks spilling on the marble floor. The table’s occupants shoot daggers at you. You profusely apologize and offer to buy them another round of drinks in an effort to ensnare yourself from the imbroglio. Upon regaining your balance, you glance back at her. Her red lips are now curved into a smile. She throws back her shoulder-length hair, looks away and continues chatting with her friends like you don’t exist. That’s not cool!

Finally, you get to Jaymo.  He introduces you to his acquaintances, after engaging in small talk he pulls you aside.

I’m glad you made it. {Subtle pointing at one of the ladies}  Stacy has the hot’s for you, don’t disappoint me!

Stacy looks lovely. She is the kind of woman who makes you think of marriage and babies. Since she seems humble you decide to keep her company, however, your mind is still on the mysterious lady in red. Stacy does most of the talking, all you do is smile and nudge her to continue blathering about her life.

The event officially starts, you all move to some seats next to the dais. The lady in red is seated two rows in front of you. Not once does she look back? Speaker after speaker take the stage and after what seems like an eon the magazine is unveiled. Enchanted by her beauty all you remember is applauding once or twice everything else is hazy. As if reading your mind the host finally announces you are now free to intermingle.

You excuse yourself from Stacy, muster every ounce of courage and approach the beauty in red. She is surrounded by men aka Team Mafisi who hang on every word she utters, lewd intentions clearly written on their faces. You touch her back silently praying she doesn’t throw her drink on your face and accuse you of touching her inappropriately. She turns around.  To your delight flashes a disarming smile on seeing you then grabs your arm before turning to excuse herself from the horde of unwanted admirers.


Clinging to your arm as if her life depended on it, she leads you away. Her tantalizing fragrance fills your nostrils momentarily driving you into a state of euphoria.  Even before you formally introduce yourself she leans closer and whispers into your ear, “Would you like to leave this place?”   

“I’d love that!” you respond with the deepest voice your vocal chords can produce.

You both walk out of the hotel into the early evening Nairobi rush. She suggests you walk her to her apartment which isn’t far from town. Aware of high levels of insecurity in the city you suggest taking a cab. She flatly refuses citing walking would give you guys ample time to get to know one another.

From the conversation, you gather her name is Kate. She recently graduated with a bachelor in Architectural studies and is currently working in some multi-national consultancy firm. On the side, she runs a fashion business whereby she designs and sales clothes. You can’t thank your ancestors enough for driving you into the arms of such a beautiful, intelligent and industrious woman. Normally you are not a talkative guy but tonight you can’t stop yourself from sharing with her everything about you without any fear whatsoever.

The blissful walk is cut short when she announces you have reached the entrance to her apartment block. You don’t want the evening to end just yet. Sad, you give her the puppy eyes. Luckily it works on her. She invites you in for a drink.

Her apartment is a far cry from your untidy bachelor’s pad. It’s tastefully furnished, complete with a wall-to-wall Persian rug and an aquarium. She motions you onto the sofa.

“Would you like to have some wine?”, she asks.

You nod your head with a chuckle at the thought that you might as well as take anything she offers even if it was a chalice full of polonium.


She pours some red wine into 2 glasses, plays some music then joins you on the couch. Her close presence stirs the beast in you. Sitting less than a foot away. She looks even more beautiful. The sensual tension between the two of you fills every inch of the room. Unable to contain your emotions you shift the topic of discussion.

“Is that Script’s new album playing?”  ‘

“Yes. He is my fave artiste”

 “Wow! He is my favorite too!”

“Really? What’s your favorite song by him?”

“Nothing quite like you”

“You must be kidding! That’s my all-time fave ”

“Awesome! Play it so we can both sing along!”

She plays the song. You set your half-full glasses on the table then sing along (more like to each other). The entire evening feels like a fairy-tale. Unable to contain yourself anymore, you grab her waist and draw her closer, she reciprocates by wrapping her long svelte arms around your neck. Damn you are so irresistible! Aware that your next move is the most crucial you lean closer; lick your lips to moisten them. She closes her eyes, dazed like a gazelle caught in the headlights waiting for you to make the kill. You can’t help smiling, it’s the sign you’ve been waiting for all day long.


Your lips touch. This sends a jolt of electricity running down your spine to the tips of your toes. You swear sparks flared when your fingertips touched her skin. The feeling is nothing like you’ve felt before. Her lips are so soft. You kiss slowly, then the tempo rises, you slide your fingers through her hair (real hair) while she digs her nails at the back of your neck. You kiss so passionately. Everything else in the universe freezes, even mosquitoes in the room stand in awe of such a magical moment. Before you know it her bra is flying across the room, both your pants and her red dress hit the floor simultaneously.

Locked in an eternal embrace you feel the urge in your loins hit a crescendo, her breath becomes shallow, you reach into your jacket pocket for a rubber then the unexpected happens.

She suddenly pushes you away tears streaming down her face. Before you make a sound she grabs her dress then dash into the bathroom and locks the door behind her. Amid sobs, she blurts out,

“I’m very sorry Mark! I can’t do this!”

Standing on the side of the bathroom door dumb-shocked— butt naked— you quickly rake your brain for clues on what you might have done to warrant such kind of rejection.

“Why? What did I do wrong?”,  you plead with her to unlock the door so you can talk about it. 15 minutes later she emerges this time fully clothed and composed.

“Mark, You are a great guy and I’m very much attracted to you. Unfortunately, I have a boyfriend whom I love so much and I can’t bring myself to hurt him like this”

Kate, I don’t care whether you are married or have a boyfriend all I want is you!”

“I’m sorry, my conscious will not allow me to cheat on him”

There is a sense of finality in her eyes. Thirty minutes later you realize no matter how much you try to convince her otherwise her decision has already been made. As a gentleman, you are aware you cannot force a woman to do anything against her will. Dejected, you put back on your clothes on and walk out into the cold Nairobi night swearing never to hit on another woman in red.

Written By Mark Maish


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  1. 1

    Awesome!! Its like watching a real movie. Always in love with you work Mark. The flow is cool, especially the final parr. The unexpected happened hahaaa

  2. 8

    “Real” The word that come to mind when I read your blog. So glad to have stumbled upon Mark Maina. Someone shared a link to one of your writings on a whatsapp group.The Internet of Everything (IoE)!!!

    Your writing is true and easy. No need for a dictionary which makes me click link after link after link. You have my undivided attention.

    Spending my Sunday with a glass of Rose and your blog. Good job! #BestUpcomingBloggerAward

  3. 33

    REAL AWSOME piece mann… got all my attention. just like watching a movie, keep it up Mark good job!!
    pssst Envy your English!

  4. 46
    Samantha Nyaga

    I must in a long time i have not read a good piece online until i stumble on yours Mark. You are a great writer. Every morning when i get to the office i must read a piece from your work. Good job.

  5. 47

    Hehe…. The place where the line goes… “Before you know it her bra is flying across the room”…. Kidogo kidogo unaangushwa from heaven but to the unfair world of reality.
    Good work Mark

  6. 48
    Bornice Jeptoo

    Do people learn how to write or is it a thing you are born with? I love your pieces to death Mark. I would love to be you when i grow up.

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