The Power of Written Goals

Mark Maish

Six months ago I went to this store in town looking for an item that I needed to take my blogging a notch higher. I was flat out broke, so I simply admired the said item, noting down the features, accessories plus costs in my red notebook.

On discovering that I wasn’t going to make a purchase that day, the shop owner got so pissed that he took it back asking me not to waste his precious time. He asked me to only go back when I had enough money to buy it.

Earlier today, I went back to the same shop. I purchased the latest version of the item, which is thrice the price of what I was admiring a few months ago. I didn’t buy it to prove a point. I bought it because I could now easily afford it.

Never look down upon anyone because of their current situation especially if they are young, ambitious & determined.

Above all there is power in written goals. Keep a notebook, which you write both your short-term and long-term goals however outrageous they may seem and how you intend to achieve them.

Don’t stop working hard until you tick off everything on that list.

Written by Mark Maish


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    I had almost a similar experience while purchasing my first camera. Though the lady there was quite awesome. Nice piece. Truly one can afford if they plan and work ‘hard ‘but more smarter.

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